Result of last week's theme and more

(Helen Hooker) #1

Hi everyone,

As you know, we’re giving the weekly theme a break for a while (unless someone else would like to take it on!) but I wanted to share the winner of the last theme - Photographic Resolutions. Our winner this week was @fhparker with this glorious night shot - congratulations Francis!

It’s been a pleasure running the weekly theme for the last two and a half years but I think it is time to refresh things. Thanks for all your comments on my thread about the the future of the concept (please do add your ideas and comments here if you haven’t already done so and would like to).

I agree that it’s helpful to have some sort of photographic challenge and would be happy to explore this further. I’ll contact @canon6D to see if it might be possible to make these challenges more visible from the main Photoblog site as that would probably encourage wider participation. Watch this space for further news…