Sharpness lost upon upload

(Fernando Rodriguez) #1

It seems that when I upload a photo to my blog, the clarity and sharpness that was done during post-processing in Photoshop, is not retained when I upload here in my blog. Today is the first time I’ve encountered this issue, as it has never happened with all my previous uploads… and was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. Thanks.

(Ben Mckechnie) #2

Hello Fernando. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing that problem. Please can you send a sample image that you’re trying to upload to [email protected], accompanied with a brief explanation of the issue? Thanks.


(Ram Ya) #3

Does it happen when you full screen the image? I noticed that editor’s image full-screen display a low res photo immediately after you choose this option. However, it is replaced with a 2048px image within a second or two.

If you feel the issue is visible in your published post, please send us the URL. An original image (zipped) will help to compare as well. Thanks for the feedback.

(Ram Ya) #4

Hi Fernando,

I found the reason for this. Your original photo is 600 pixels wide but we show images in 870px width.
So the image you see in the blog is an enlarged version.

Can you please replace it with a 870px or wider version of this image?

p.s. Upcoming new design does not enlarge an image even if it is less than 870px.