Should PB have a single photo uploader function?

(Ram Ya) #1

Just curious what you all think of this idea. A photo uploader to simply upload a single photo! No titles, or wording (there is still room for a caption–optional). The benefit would be:

  1. Less intimidating to photographers with less writing skills (I find myself in this category :anguished: )
  2. Photos will be easy to access and comment on (no new tabs, scroll down…etc). Lot of other photo sites like IG, FB, and 500px has this feature.

Any thoughts?

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #2

Why would it be necessary?
Everybody can post a single picture.
Nobody has to write a novel!

(Ram Ya) #3

That is true, anyone can post a single photo without writing.

I think the most benefit is in the way we can consume/display such photos. When I go to a single photo in the current format, I see 3 friction points.

  1. when I click on a post from the Browse page, it opens in a new tab (as opposed to an instant pop-up on the same tab)

  2. There are few unrelated things on post’s page (which make it necessary to scroll down to even see the photo)

  3. When I go to comment, I can’t see the photo (with a pop-up, we can have the comment area right next to the photo. Which might help with more meaningfull comments?).

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #4

Ok, I see. It would be more comfortable.

(Camellia) #5

To be honest I am not seeing the benefit @canon6d I can see your points but…If someone is here to post pics, be it one or 30 they will. I have seen quite a few 1 photo posts with no comments. If it’s going to bring in more members, by all means, go for the enhancement, but otherwise not sure if it would make that much difference.

(Ram Ya) #6

I can get so attached to an idea lol. So it’s good to hear what you all think. Can you think of other features/bugs that should take priority? @strohschneider-laue @camellia.

Perhaps instead of building more we should focus on community and official blog…

(Benjamin Theyr) #7

I’ve always thought that “PhotoBlog” was just that. A place to post just images without having to add any text. I find it easy to take pictures, hard to add text to describe the pictures or locations etc.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #8

I just tried the button “share your picture on Facebook”, which appears under every picture. It doesn’t work - at least not for me. I never used this button before, but you asked and so I had a closer look. The link to Twitter is functional. I share my blog posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (will be obsolet soon). Maybe it would be worth to have one or two thoughts about this functions.

Btw it would be worth to focus on Twitter more. Why don’t you use hashtags on Photoblog tweets? Even I miss the tweets from Photoblog sometimes!

I think it’s a good idea to do something different than other communities, instead of building up the same features. Photoblog has an other sort of flow. You should focus on it.

Community lately is a little bit “lame” - at least sometimes -, but I don’t think you can push and force it. I really appreciate that you started over to post new stories in the official blog “learn”. Btw I saw there is not the Photoblog symbol showing in the “tab”, when I open the link.

Maybe you could ask some photobloggers to share their travel experience (best time of the year, places to go, equipment). For example @angil and Teresa made some really interesting trips …

Maybe it could be designed as some sort of interview. You could write up some questions about equipment and destination, which could be interesting and you want to have answered. I did this a couple of times for other bloggers. I got maybe up to five or ten questions, wrote my answers and send some pictures. I did for a colleague, who built up a huge network (writing, texting, editing … women!). She got a lot of interviews and posted every tuesday. I answered her questions although I don’t have to do anything with fashion at all! I had the most funny portrait shooting with my best friend because of it …

But you have to come up with a clear and straight storyline, because otherwise people don’t want to answer your questions. Ask everybody the same straight questions, which are easy to answer but need at least a couple of sentences to answer - not everyone is a writer on its own. You don’t want to get short yes or no answers. I think, it should be easy to get at least 12 interviews of serious photographers to post one interview each month. Ask the candidates via PM, but don’t ask for it (open for all) in the forum/community. You don’t want to lose control …

(Benjamin Theyr) #9

This whole social networking or sharing is so over rated. Site’s like Google plus will be closing as of next year, & I hate facebook, most of those types of site just need to shut down for good. So dos it really matter that one does or doesn’t have a social network profile anywhere online. I’ve found it to total confusing and not worth my effort to keep up or maintain. Sites like tumblr as total political, sexually originated or childish when it comes to sharing topics. I’ve even tries deviantart, but was rudely awake by disturbing images. People whom call this “art” or “freedom of speech” needs to have their heads examined. I guess one can tell, I’m not very socially active as there’s never been a calling to do so. I’m perfectly fine with PhotoBlog (for the moment).
Lastly, I guess if PB was to create a single picture type format, it would become just another Instagram…
here’s the main issue with social networks or those communities which allow others to post comments. I personally could careless about others comments on my PB site as my comments are not us for discussion or critique. What ends up happen, is there’s this one person that feels they have to say or text something thats wrong with your picture or what your posted as a topic. What ever happen to: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” thus my comments are off or at least moderated. what I would liek to see, is sites like instagram have “group” options or features which allow for a PhotoBlog group there then we can just post pictures.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #10

It may depend on profession and I can tell for fact, that people of my profession gain a lot out of using social media and doing networking.

On the other hand I understand, that not everybody want to spent so much time online.

Nice to hear that! I followed the link to your account, but sadly it didn’t work. Do you post under another address on Photoblog than in the forum?

It’s easy to follow Photobloggers on Instagram or social media accounts, social networks and different photoblogging communities - most have different accounts. But what use would have a PhotoBlog group on another platform for photographers?

(Benjamin Theyr) #11

I’m not sure the issue with the forum account as compared to the blog page account. But I noticed this the other day, so why did my forum account user name stop short of being correct or how I filled it out… Perhaps Ram knows this issue as I specifically create a forum account under the BenjaminTheyrPhotography user name… but was cut short…
As for my PhotoBlog, I’ve been having second thoughts about this and have been systemically removing post that I feel aren’t very useful. I may even end up deleting all the photoblogs and just use the forum.
Again, I’m merely searching for a place to post images and nothing more. I guess I’m not pleased with any format I’ve tested over the years. I’ve kept twitter simply because if i need tech support any company I’ve connected with will respond to my questions.
There is a fine line between posting your images and simply giving out too much information or disclosing personal information which I don’t intend to do anyway. catch22. Ideally, once the new to me camera has been acquired, things I’ve aid above may change as I’ll have a bit more flexibility and multiple lenses to work with.

(Russell Smith) #12

I am not sure I 100% understand the idea you are proposing . I think it is a disconnect in my brain because I cannot visualize it . For me When I am on the browse page I tend to prefer the new tab so I have a “bookmark” of where I was at when I was browsing . Until I read about having to scroll down to the comments section it is something that I had not considered before . I don’t think it really bothers me to have to scroll down to the comments section and I am not sure how I would feel about something similar to an instagram feature where the comments are under a photo.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #13

Yes, that’s strange! Now I found “you” or at least your recently shared posts! :wink:

Btw I’m more Fahrenheit 451 and less Nineteen Eighty-Four - I don’t fight a loosing war.

(Benjamin Theyr) #14

HA! I’m always fighting a losing battle… But at least I have one supporter and thats all that matters. My wife of 24 years. She works hard to convince me to return to doing what I enjoy, the only trouble, I want to share but have no one to share it with who respects the talent each of us have.

(Camellia) #15

@benjamintheyrphotogr I have been reading your posts and the fact that you just want to post your pictures but not have any comments somewhat baffles me. I personally like the fact that comments are made when I post pictures and quite honestly no one and I mean no one here has been insulting or mean when making comments, so I am not sure what you mean. Yes other platforms, such as Fb do have groups which have people who have been disrespectful but that is not the case here. For me posting here and receiving comments helps me fine tune my hobby and I believe so many others feel the same way.

(Benjamin Theyr) #16

They say: “An image can speak 1000’s of words” thus I’ll leave it at that.

(Ram Ya) #17

Thanks for all these Sigrid! I just tested the fb button for your lanscape post and it pop-ups the share box and I can send it to my fb account. Can you please let me know if you see this box?

Aha, I’ll make a note of this and use some hashtags! I am getting old for all these new tech, Sigrid :slight_smile:

So true, it would be impossible to compete with others, so I should focus more on what is unique to us. I’ll keep thinking about this.

Added to my to-do. Thanks.

You read my mind! I develop a series of questions for pro photographers but couldn’t recruit enough photographers with my schedule. Would anyone be interested in reaching out to their favorite photographers with some questions? If interested, I can give you an official PhotoBlog email to conduct the interviews. If time is limited maybe members can help me identify prospects to interview. As for PB members, I just sent a request to Marsha maybe she will agree.

Thanks for the question tip too :slight_smile:

I noticed this bug too. I think it is because your username is too long for the forum? We are using a different system for the forum. So this could be the cause. Not sure when I will have enough resources to look into this but I’ll note it down.

Maybe it’s just me. I wish to be commenting on all your photos every day but I look at them and regret that I have to get back to doing something else. So I shouldn’t probably change PB to address my isolated issues.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #18

YESSS, thanks, it works just fine! Either you have done some repair or I didn’t push the button with enough effort!
My ego hopes, it was you and not me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think, it would be best to ask all the same questions!
Nobody will be offended!
Everybody will get information about specific topics from different povs.
The questions should form a story line not some sort of to-do-list.

(Russell Smith) #19

It is something that I had not considered . Would it be possible if we commented on a photo and have post to the main comments with a tag of like #1 (comment) . That I would be all for . I know times I will want to comment on multiple photos in a post and I will hit the comment button as I scroll down and then scroll back up to keep looking/reading. It is a bit of a quality of life type issue . My main concern is if we have a photo then comments under it will break up any story or for people like me it will be like oh squirrel and I will spend time chasing those thoughts .
Is there a way to test a feature like this to get a clearer idea of what you are thinking . Like a dummy page with this feature or is that too much of a headache?
There are a number of photographers that i would love to read their stories/thoughts about some questions . It would be nice to ask similar or the same questions so there is a continuity to the stories.

(Benjamin Theyr) #20

Blockquote Would anyone be interested in reaching out to their favorite photographers with some questions?

I’ll second that with my view on this comment. Although I’ve yet to see any “professional” photographers at PhotoBlog, it would be nice to have guest speakers, like Art Wolfe, Deborah Sandidge and many others as this would be the only people I would be interested in seeing participate in the forums.

I’m opinion, this format reeks and needs to be updated or even downgraded as it’s very confusing with all the cookie cutter blocks. having to use a screwy scroll option just to get to the bottom of the page is very time consuming and I would just as soon avoid the forums because of this.

Not sure who desired this forum format as it’s being used at several other forums I frequent. It just needs to be changed. I hate it and if it was easier to maneuver or use, I might come here more often. Ram, change the forum format now even if it means having to charge a small fee to existing members to completely rewrite the forums.