Should PB have a single photo uploader function?

(Ram Ya) #21

Glad you asked. This is what I was thinking

Looks similar to all other photo sites but makes it a lot easier to comment and engage I think. But again, it’s hard to keep our story format. Unless we embed the whole story with scroll option where the photo is.

(Benjamin Theyr) #22

Although it has the Instagram type appearance, the over all feeling of your concept is better than out current format. This allows the persons to discus the images with the image being in plan sight. I like it.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #23

I just posted a single pictures and I still don’t understand, why it would be more comfortable to go “instagram” like your suggestion. I don’t think it will make a difference - except for less story telling.

(Russell Smith) #24

Would this be something on the regular blog post and would this replace the comments section at the bottom ? I know sometimes for a post with a story (for lack of better words) this could clutter things up. I do think if it is one or two image/s with minimal text (story) it would be a simple way to make it easier to engage. Now if I were to click the picture and this was part of the pop out then I can see more use to it .
Thank you for the picture of it . I do understand what you are talking about a bit better . I am going to think on this for a bit and see if I can add anything to my inital thoughts .

(Camellia) #25

@canon6d I am truly not seeing the benefit of your proposal, maybe because I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it. What sets PB apart from the others…Flickr, Instagram, 500px, etc. is the fact that we can post stories (if we want) with multiple photos, or just post 1 photo ( as some of us are doing for the 365 challenge) with no story. The ability to write a story with multiple photos is unique which I like very much. If I want to make a comment about a particular photo in a list of photos on someone’s blog, I can press the bubble next to the photo and make my comment. The idea of having the comments at the bottom of the blog also gives all of us a chance to read each other’s comments. Personally the format as it is right now is what appeals to me the most, it feels like a blog rather than a place to just post photos. My 2 cents :slight_smile:

(Sydney Solomon) #26

Ben,u dont mind if I call u Ben? Photoblog…like any other site…has rules…either u abide…or leave…or create your own wonderful "blogsite. To sit there and complain about does nobody any good. My experience in this blog …for a long while is that the folks on the blog…are very respectful of each other, yes you can agree to not agree with some of the comments…but do it respectful.

(Benjamin Theyr) #27

FYI: Ram Asked me for my Opinion, thus I’M not holding back. Besides, I’m not here for your benefit, nor have I pissed anyone off. you comment is unwelcome as it has no barring one what Ram is asking. In other words, if Ram sees fit to ban me for what ever reason, he can do so. I have never talked rude or crude to anyone here, I’m merely voicing my opinion to Ram about the site and to no one else. In other words, If anyone here doesn’t like or agree with my comments, there’s no point in even responding to them.

(Ram Ya) #28

@benjamintheyrphotogr @zayde1940 let’s keep the discussion to the topic at hand.
For any new discussions please feel free to ask member opinion via a new topic or send me a PM if I need to take some action. I am glad to have you all caring about PB!

p.s. Our forum guidelines couldn’t be any simpler :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #29

I have decided to hold off on this feature for now. It seems like it could take away from the storytelling experience. Plus, I do not have the funds to support this feature in the immediate future.

I do appreciate all of your thoughtful comments and feedback. I’ve taken a lot of important feedback from here that seems to be more important to address in the near future.

Thanks all!

(Ram Ya) #30