Site Administration

(Nick Ambrose) #1

Does anyone actually administer this site. I’ve tried contacting someone through the contact page but don’t seem to get a reply.
My wife was on the site but seems to have somehow deleted her site. Both she, and I have sent messages through the contact page and the forum asking if there is some way she can get it back. She’s paid the annual subscription but can’t get access at the moment.

(Helen Hooker) #2

I wish I could help Nick, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough knowledge about how the site works. I suspect Ram is away at the moment which may be why you haven’t had a response - I emailed him a few days ago myself and haven’t heard back yet.

(Nick Ambrose) #3

Thanks Helen. I must say this site is a bit cranky and requests for answers to problems go unanswered. I’ve started using WordPress now which is a much more reliable platform so am migrating all my stuff over to there in preparation of ditching this site when my annual subscription runs out!