Sizing iPhone panorama photos

(Heidi Egerman) #1

Does anyone know how to resize a panorama image from the iphone so the thumbnail appears correctly? The thumbnail I have only shows part of the image with poor resolution. Once you select the blogpost you will see the image is very clear. I can use a mobile app, but won’t have access to Photoshop. You can see this on my current page post ‘A Calm Autumn Day’.

(Russell Smith) #2

Do you have lightroom ? If you do then you can either send the file over using bluetooth/wifi or dropbox and resize the image there.

(Heidi Egerman) #3

Thanks Russell, I do use Photoshop at home, but I’m looking for an alternative while on the road, using only my iphone. I found two mobile apps that are helping. Image Size and Photo Compress. We’ll see how they work on the road. ~ Heidi