Someone fixed the server

(John Waco Jr) #1

Just posted my photos for the first in weeks and all my photo are back on my page. Someone fixed the server

(In Reach Of The Skies) #2

Be kind of nice if they bothered to tell us what happened though wouldn’t it!

(Thomas Thompson) #3

Yea some mystery magic person I have no clue I just know it started working 2 days ago, like nothing ever happened kinda weird

(Thomas Thompson) #4

It would be nice but the admin does not answer messages

(Constantin Stephan) #5

Yes, everything is working again and nothing has been lost. Kind of magic… Good so far, but the question how reliable PB is still remains.

(Gethin Thomas) #6

And now it’s gone again. That didn’t last long. Cannot even get on the site at all now. Completely useless and unreliable.

(Thomas Thompson) #7

Gone this morning and now back up and the main front page has changed, its like the ghost admin came back and added to the page

(Gethin Thomas) #8

Still not able to connect. Now a whole day again.

(Berckmans Peter) #9

It is extremely slow and sometimes bad gateway errors. Reinforces my decision to post nomore here

(Thomas Thompson) #10

Its very slow to load and looks like a whole lot more has been added to the front page, you had more graphics and dont do anything else to it, guaranteed to will slow everything down, I am not an expert but I know enough about that What the heck is going on