Technical : camera flash error

(Sherry Hill) #1

i have a Canon Rebel T3i… it’s a few years old… i find i don’t use it much anymore because i get frustrated with the flash… the flash works, but it isn’t in sync with my shutter… it seems the first photo i take with a flash works… the photo is bright… but any subsequent photos are dark… the flash is firing, but it’s either before or after the shutter opens/closes… i’m not terribly camera tech savvy, so i don’t know if i have changed a setting unknowingly… if a setting can even do that… and the flash problem is in all modes… auto or manual…
anyone have any ideas or thoughts?

(Russell Smith) #2

Is it the on camera flash?
Try 1/180th sec for the shutter speed if in manual .
For the on board (built in flash) in the menu there is a flash section there should be an exposure comp for the flash a line with - on one side and a + on the other . Select this and move it to which ever side you want for more or less. The small on camera flash can be frustrating to work with .
If you are working with a hot shoe flash check out

(Sherry Hill) #3

i do mean the built in flash… i am at work right now, but will tinker with this when i get home… thanks Russ… i have gotten so lazy with auto and point n shoot… lazy and actually kind of bored… i want to learn new things… even if it’s confusing…

(Berckmans Peter) #4

Can not help you with the flash. But try to fid your creativity. Nothing wrong with auto. A famous streetphotographer once said you have it on your camera, why not use it.

(Sherry Hill) #5

true Peter… i tried last night to use the manual focus, i’m not too bad at it… but also manual settings, i have forgotten SOOO much over the years… i want to learn how to take longer exposures and i LOVE bokah behind a nice crisp closeup… so that is something to LEARN… and so what if my flash doesn’t work proper… until i figure it out or get it fixed, there’s still a lot to do without a flash…

(Russell Smith) #6

The built in flash is limited in what it can do because it is such a small source of light . One thing that helped me remember what I had forgotten is the use of AV (aperture priority ). Also in addition to flash you prob have a smartphone with a flashlight the flashlight can make a good constant light source too :slight_smile:

(Sherry Hill) #7

i don;t have a smart phone but i am curious about the litra torch that Camellia mentioned in a recent post… ah, it’s not the end of the world with my flash indifference… just means i get to dream about a NEW camera… smile…