Thumbnail of some photos brurry

(Aaron Kinzer) #1

Love the look of the new Photoblog and I’m back after not posting in a long time.

Two of my recent posts are wide panoramic images and appear OK when viewing my blog or viewing the individual image. When viewing the images on the browse page these two images are blurry. I am wondering if this might be a bug?

I am also wondering if there is a way to choose which area from a wide image is cropped for the browsing display as one of these images crops is undesirable.

(Ram Ya) #2

Yes, you are right, it seems like the grid pages have a bug where we accidentally load a small thumbnail and cut off part of the image. Looks like the last release introduced this bug. Will be fixing this issue soon.

Thanks for reporting it.

(Sybil) #3

I was just looking for how to do this