Trouble uploading photos

(Kate Weaver) #1

I have been having a hard time uploading my photos. I have tried making the image size smaller, larger, and keeping it the same, but it still won’t upload. Any thoughts?

(Nancy Andrea D) #2

I don’t know if it helps but sometimes when it happens to me, I would log out of PB, then log in again.

(In Reach Of The Skies) #3

I sometimes get a slow upload speed.
I usually resort to loading one picture at a time on days like that so at least you know that it is working.

(Brokenland Photography) #4

Typically this site requires one to have a reduced image size, around 400 x 400 etc. if your image is larger than this, you may get an error loading or the other alterative is that the image hosting associated with this site have been having connection issues. this could mean that the site is using a cloud based services which now has imposed image limits and hosting sizes. Try reducing the image size first and if that doesn’t fix the issue, there could be a hosting service issue. Pay close attention to this topic as the site seems to be on autopilot…

Has this Platform been abandoned by its Administration?