Various problems

(Giovanni Solone) #1

Hello everybody and thanks for the realizzation of this cool project.
I want to share with you a problem I have: most the time I use PhotoBlog, it’s impossibile to upload photos without problems. Usually I have to optimize / crop or anything else to make a correct upload in my blog posts.

I don’t think this is the correct behaviour but I have tried a lot of times with many different browsers, with or without cache enabled, many times in a day. Photoblog works well especially if you want to see beautiful photographs from other users in this community, but not everytime if you want to upload your photos.

Another problem: if you try to visit photoblog .com/gioxx/2020/02/ (for example)(sorry, I can’t insert link in my discussion) you can see posts I have scheduled and a draft I have not published at this time, even if you use a private window of your browser, I think this is a problem because it’s impossibile to hide future posts to the community or other users not logged on PhotoBlog.

Before concluding: if I schedule a post for the future I think is better to show the publish date not of the day when I have saved the post, but when I want to make public that post, like WordPress or other webtools do.

I apologize if I wrote a lot but I’m proud to be here and partecipate to PhotoBlog and I think the platform can be better for all his users :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend.

(Berckmans Peter) #2

Uploading photos I have no problems. For the rest, it seems thay Ram,the moderator is gone again for a while. Maybe others can help.

(Giovanni Solone) #3

Thanks for your feedback @peterphotowalks, can I ask you wich photo dimension you usually upload on PhotoBlog? I can see (for example) one 2.048px × 1.365px (the first photo in photoblog .com/peterphotowalks/2020/02/15/pyramids/). I would like to upload the original dimensions of the photos I shoot with my camera but seems very difficult (6000px x 4000px for example).

Just for understand, nothing else (if exist a official guideline for that I will follow that).
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Berckmans Peter) #4

My old camera was around 4000x3000. My new one is 6000x4000. Do not know how pb resizes them. But you can select full if uploading. Sometimes it takes a long time. Last year we had some problems, but they are fixed. Never had problems with size only in the forumpart they have to be small

(Giovanni Solone) #5

With a fiber connection every uploads works very well. I’ve done a lot of tests with other tools / websites and the same photographs without encounter problems, problems appears only on PhotoBlog, and that’s why I’m reporting it and I doubt it can be a problem only related to my user.

Anyway I will make some other tests uploading lower resolution photos, although I’d like to upload the original files.

I look forward to further verification and opinions in the meantime, thank you very much for your time and your answers.


(Paul Moreau) #6

This is strange. I have never even considered needing to resize or do anything else techie to upload pics - just bang and go really. What could the variables be for such an extremity of user experience…?

(Giovanni Solone) #7

I don’t know, but I have tried again now to modify a draft uploading the same images of two weeks ago, obtaining the same result: I can’t upload some of that images on Photoblog, I’m really frustrated because I think this Photoblog is a good product but with some problems and no alternative method to upload files os to check logs to understand which is the problem during this phase.

(Russell Smith) #8

I know the times I have scheduled a post that I can see it but usually (99.9%) of the time no one else can see it until the scheduled time. Honestly I have not paid attention to the date that went with the post ie the posted day or the day I wrote it and scheduled it.
With the upload I usually export mine at 1980 or 2048 on the long side although I have exported them at full res to upload here. If I have an image get stuck uploading meaning it doesnt upload in the normal time it takes one to upload for me I will remove it and upload again the 2nd time it works just fine.