Want to upgrade my nikon body from 3200

(Tanmoy Bhowmik) #1

I have nikon d3200 and nikon 50 mm 1.8, very old manual 105 mm f2 , want to upgrade my camera. But only have limited budget up to $1200.Any suggestion respected seniors?

(Berckmans Peter) #2

I am not a Nikon shooter,but I think there are some good deals for the moment on the D5600,leaves you room for an extra lens. Hope the Nikon shooters here can help you.

(Russell Smith) #3

@moymik1983 what do you shoot mostly and are you adverse to purchasing a used or refurbished one? What is it about the d3200 that you do not like or is not suiting your needs? I know these are questions and not suggestions to which one but if something like sports is what you mostly shoot then it would be a different recommendation that say landscapes or portraits. Would it be better to stay with the current body and go with a lens or two for upgrade.

(Lê Kiên) #4

To be more specific, you want to upgrade your gear or just your body? If for the body, go full frame! Nikon D610 is a good choice in my opinion. I have been using D610 for 3 years and it is amazing. Also, shoot full frame with your 50mm is much better than crop.
The D610 would not cost you 1200$, the rest you can use to look for another decent lens.

(Dzaim) #5

better upgrade to D7000 series,
Can use with Nikon 50mm 1.8D, (can use as auto focus lens)