Watermark and Instagram question

(Deli Tlb) #1

Hello everyone. I am a new member of Photoblog and I am having difficulty enlarging my watermark. The max size it allows me is 20 which turns out really tiny.
Also I would like to share my Instagram name/link on my profile but I can’t.
If anyone can help me with these two issues I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #2

Welcome to PB, @delloosh.
I have added your Instagram feedback to my to-do list. We are slowly starting developments so the ETA would be around 4 weeks (Sorry about that).

As per the watermark, have you tried choosing a different font type? I wonder if there are more requests for an increase of max watermark font size from others.

Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:

(Deli Tlb) #3

Thank you very much for the fast reply. Yes I have tried a few colours but doesn’t make a huge change.