Watermark - how to enable it?

(Jovana Lakic) #1


I am relatively new to the blog, and am still learning some new features, however, I wanted to apply the watermark that I created on the form and saved it. How do I enable watermark? I appreciate your answers.

Thank you,


(Jovana Lakic) #2

And sorted it…save option works for future posts, not the old ones…

(Brian Searwar) #3

I think if you want it to apply to older posts, you may have to remove the older photos and then when you post them again, they may have the watermark. I think.
I just watermark in LR first anyway and that way I always have it.

(Jovana Lakic) #4

Thanks for the reply Brian, it might be a bit of a work to post them all over again. My new ones now have it.

(Mariam Praise) #5

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