Weekly theme 22nd April 2019 - Springtime

(Helen Hooker) #1

Hello everyone. As promised, I’m back on top of things again this week and have the new theme ready for you all on time!

I don’t know what it’s been like in your part of the world, but there’s been a definite spring-like feel in the air here in the UK. We’ve had the warmest Easter since weather records began, and we’ve enjoyed wall to wall sunshine here in the east of the country. Gardens are beginning to burst forth with colour and it seemed a good time to have this particular theme….

This week’s theme is Springtime

Many apologies if this one isn’t so topical in your part of the world, but please feel free to delve into your archives if it’s not spring for you.

So how to illustrate the concept of springtime? Three ideas spring (apologies for the pun!) to my mind. The most obvious one is the plethora of colour that’s appearing in our gardens at the moment. Here many woodlands are carpeted with bluebells - a quintessentially English sight. This image, by Sean McGee has been caught at just the right time, with the sun perfectly illuminating this natural spectacle. When faced with a carpet of colour like this a low point of view is often a good choice, to intensify the colours.

Of course, it’s not just plants that come alive in the spring. It’s also the time when we begin to see young animals and birds taking their first steps in the world. At the forest where I work there are several families of ducklings and some baby coots too. This little cutie is one of the youngsters I photographed there last year, in a touching moment with one of its parents. Why not get down to your local park or farmland to photograph the newest kids on the block?

If you don’t have access to plant or wildlife near you, don’t overlook the possibility of capturing the spring weather and the effect it has one people. There’s nothing quite like being out in the warm sunshine to bring a smile to everyone’s faces! This delightful image by Alisa Anton sums up the joy of springtime for me perfectly.

Now it’s up to you to get out there to enjoy the spring and capture an image that sums up what it means to you - have fun!

How to participate:

  • Please submit your photo by midnight GMT on Sunday 28th April
  • To submit a photo, hit the Reply button below and upload your image(s). Please limit each post to one image.
  • Please try to also share your picture on your page over the main Photoblog platform and encourage others to visit the theme thread to participate and vote.
  • To vote, click the :heart: heart icon.
  • If you post your picture early in the week, don’t forget to pop back to see what others have shared and to cast your votes!

Winner of the last theme

We have a new winner for last week’s history theme, and that is @leesantiva with this very timely image of one of the chimeras on the cathedral at Notre Dames. Congratulations Lee!

(Jolien Dekens) #2

Spring means that there’s fresh lettuce again in the greenery! :slight_smile:

(Kenny H) #3

“Spring Bonnet”

(Bethany Plonski) #4

(Berckmans Peter) #5

Lets give them some privacy

(Olga Helys) #6

I don’t know its name! Small blue wildflowers line the ground in this springtime

(Lakshmi Bhat) #8

The beautiful Gulmohur flowers start blooming mid April and keep blooming till the end of May. We also call them May flowers.

(Helen Hooker) #9

The young cattle were having some fun in the spring sunshine by the River Stour on Monday. These two couldn’t help but be curious about me and my camera as I took their photo!