Weekly Theme 22nd January 2018 - Words

(Helen Hooker) #1

Hello everyone, and welcome to another week. Let’s jump straight in and have a think about the new theme.

This week’s theme is Words

I thought this week we’d go for a concept that is less obviously visual, although you could take a literal approach as this photographer has done.

Alternatively, I wondered about the sound words can make and this atmospheric concert photo seemed perfect for that.

I wonder what’s she’s singing about?

My third offering is one of my own photos, taken in Cheltenham in 2014. This wonderful piece of street art by Banksy fits the concept perfectly, especially as I caught it with someone using the telephone! Sadly it’s since been destroyed by over-eager renovations to the house it was painted one so I’m pleased I made the effort to go and take my photos when I did.

So, there are a few ideas to get you started - let’s see how creative you can all be!

How to participate:

  • Please submit your photo by midnight GMT on Sunday 28th January.
  • To submit a photo, hit the Reply button below and upload your image(s). Please limit each post to one image.
  • Please try to also share your picture on your page over the main Photoblog platform and encourage others to visit the theme thread to participate and vote.
  • To vote, click the :heart: heart icon.
  • If you post your picture early in the week don’t forget to pop back to see what others have shared and to cast your votes!

Winner of the last theme

Last week’s shape and form theme resulted in many different approaches and it was wonderful to see how creative everyone is here on Photoblog. @jeansteffan won the popular vote by quite a margin with these beautiful rock formations

Congratulations Jean!

(Russell Smith) #2

I have gone with a bit more literal interpretation of this theme but also in a manor that is not related to a book or document.

(Helen Hooker) #3

Curled up with a good book this afternoon.

(Andi Saw) #4

A refill of words

(Lisa Britton) #5

Words from my son, sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.

(Abigail Gossage) #6

(Berckmans Peter) #7

The written word is still powerfull. And newspaper I stil find actual, like to read them more than see the news on a smartphone.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #8

Upper Austrian annual exhibition in 2008.The exhibition was split into an network of 13 smaller exhibitions presenting different aspects of the main theme “Salzkammergut”. I’m still proud, because I was part of the team. I shot this picture in the exhibition “Künstlerleben am Wolfgangsee” (Artists around Lake Wolfgang) in the section “Writer” (for example Arthur Schnitzler), which was designed from ceiling, wall, floor, window and seats with words & quotes.

(Heidi Egerman) #9

I know there is a story here somewhere. I simply have not discovered it yet.

(Mary Ann Dacayo) #10

There are stories and promises made behind those Love locks at N Seoul Tower, South Korea

(Stephanie Hyde) #11

Girl…isn’t that the truth! Love it…

(Lisa Britton) #12

More so than any man can ever understand - LOL

(Diksha Passi) #13

Firstly, congrats @jeansteffan!

I have a perfect picture to submit here! Lol! I was in Andaman& Nicobar last weekend and out there on every single beach there was this very common menu for liquidity :joy:
This menu …


I played a little with colors here and the original picture I took is here, untouched :smile:

(Berckmans Peter) #14

Sounds refreshing, but what is Jhal Muri

(Diksha Passi) #15

Jhaal means spices and muri is puffed rice :smile:

(L A) #16

Lost for words when I found MaTea