Weekly theme 26th August - Flora

(Helen Hooker) #1

I must start the week with an apology for being a few hours late with the new theme. We had a national holiday here in the UK yesterday and it felt so much like a weekend that I forgot it was actually Monday!

Let’s jump straight in and look at our new theme…

This week’s theme is Flora

As we head towards the end of the summer here the landscape is still awash with colour from flowers of all types. It seems a shame not to make good use of this, so we have a floral theme for the coming week.

There are lots of ways you could approach this theme - you could find a garden full of flowers and capture a wide view. For instance, Zach Taiji has captured this beautiful image of a field of tulips, with a dramatic mountainous landscape in the distance.

Another obvious choice is to go in for a close up. You could capture the whole flower, or take a more abstract approach - the choice is yours. In this picture, taken in our garden, I zoomed in on the red lily. We’re far enough away to see what the subject of the photo is, but the curls of the stamen take on an artistic feel.

Another approach is to create a still life of a flower or flowers indoors. Sadhya Rippon used to share work here on Photoblog regularly, including some gorgeous floral still life pictures. She now shares her work on Instagram so if you’d like to catch up with her more recent images you can find her here. This is one of her gorgeous studio shots, created with flowers from her own garden.

I hope that’s given you some inspiration to get out and shoot something new for our theme. Remember, if you don’t have a garden of your own, you can always get out into a local park or the countryside - it doesn’t need to be exotic species! I’m looking forward to seeing what we all come up with.

How to participate:

  • Please submit your photo by midnight GMT on Sunday 1st September
  • To submit a photo, hit the Reply button below and upload your image(s). Please limit each post to one image.
  • Please try to also share your picture on your page over the main Photoblog platform and encourage others to visit the theme thread to participate and vote.
  • To vote, click the :heart: heart icon.
  • If you post your picture early in the week, don’t forget to pop back to see what others have shared and to cast your votes!

Winners of the last theme

Once again we have three winners for last week’s Patterns theme, featuring a great mix of subjects. Congratulations to you all!




(Kenny H) #2

(Piotr Matura) #3

Hollyhock flowers (Alcea)

(Berckmans Peter) #4

One of my favourite flowers, a simple dandelion

(Bethany Plonski) #5


(Lakshmi Bhat) #6

Tiny wild flowers

(Abigail Gossage) #7

Dead gladioli about to be thrown out

(Helen Hooker) #8

A bit late posting my offering again - a vivid orange cone flower, with a bonus bee!