Weekly theme 28th October - Personal projects

(Helen Hooker) #1

I thought we might go for something a little different this week. As we head towards Christmas and the new year (how did 2019 pass by so quickly?!) we often find ourselves taking stock and thinking about what we might do next.

With this in mind I thought it might be interesting to share some of the personal projects we are all doing with our photography at the moment.

This week’s theme is Personal projects

When you’re trying to improve your skills in photography one of the best ways is to give yourself a sense of focus. This could be spending time on a particular genre of photography, or committing to a 365 project. Alternatively you might choose to push yourself out of your comfort zone and shoot a subject you don’t normally tackle. Or perhaps you’re spending some time documenting your family for future generations? It could be absolutely anything.

Here are a few of the personal projects I’ve worked on over the years to give you some ideas….

Many of you will be aware that when I first joined Photoblog I decided to start a 365 project, figuring that it would be fun and would improve my photography. At the end of that first year I was enjoying myself so much that I decided to carry on - for further nine years! Shooting and sharing new pictures every day certainly improved my skills and helped me fathom which types of photography I enjoy best. After a decade I decided to give myself a break (last November) but I’m now getting itchy feet again and am thinking about how I can start shooting more! This is one of the early shots from my initial 365, taken in November 2008.

A more recent project for me has been to document the fifty plus churches in the square mile of the City of London - a project that’s taken me five years so far and isn’t yet finished. I shoot for this periodically, depending on when I’m able to get into London for a day’s shooting. I’ve got about another dozen left to photograph. Of course, over that time my skills have improved so I can’t help feeling that once I’ve finished I may want to revisit some of the early churches to do theme better! This particular photo comes from St Stephen Walbrook, not far from the Bank of England. It was Sir Christopher Wren’s first try at creating a dome in a church and he later repeated it on a much larger scale at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Of course projects don’t have to be large scale, carried out over multiple years. Sometimes a mini-project can be just as satisfying. A few months ago we visited a stately home and I set myself a project to shoot just chairs, using a single prime lens on my camera. It made me look in a different way and I came away with some pictures I love. Here’s one of them.

So there you have some of the projects I’ve set myself over the years. I’ve got another new one in mind which will give me a longer term challenge - with a bit of luck I’ll manage to shoot something for it over the coming week and share it here.

I can’t wait to see the personal projects, large or small, that you’ve chosen to work on. This will be a theme where the images will almost certainly be hugely varied, but it should be fascinating and may even offer you some inspiration for further projects of your own. Have a great week!

How to participate:

  • Please submit your photo by midnight GMT on Sunday 3rd November.
  • To submit a photo, hit the Reply button below and upload your image(s). Please limit each post to one image.
  • Please try to also share your picture on your page over the main Photoblog platform and encourage others to visit the theme thread to participate and vote.
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  • If you post your picture early in the week, don’t forget to pop back to see what others have shared and to cast your votes!

Winner of the last theme

Our winner for last week’s square theme was this beautiful still life by @2son. Congratulations Gary!

(Russell Smith) #2

Right now the project I have started is documenting the species that I have seen at a local county park. This is allowing me to improve my nature photogrpahy which is a field I have wanted to get involved with for ages now.

(Lakshmi Bhat) #3

One of my projects is taking photos of flowers in our garden, every day, from different angles. Flowers are beautiful from all angles.

(Pete) #4

My personal Project is taking photos of Dragonflies and Damselflies to submit to the database of the animal demographics unit of a local University

(Helen Hooker) #5

I started my new personal project today, shooting with just prime lenses. I’ve written about it on my website here, if you’d like to learn more about it, and you’re all welcome to join in if you’d like to!

(Berckmans Peter) #6

Wel this year I got the feel back for old cameras and analog photography. This is a project in progress, trying to save an old camera and hit the street with it. Just a good feeling and a good personal project.

(Gary Luker) #7

I have been trying to learn more about the use of light, especially in B&W photos to make them more interesting and maybe dramatic or create certain atmospheres. So, Coco, my favorite subject helps me :slight_smile:

(Berckmans Peter) #8

I almost only use primes and love them. New ones and vintage ones.