# Weekly theme 31st December 2018 - Photographic resolutions

(Helen Hooker) #1

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. By the time you read this many countries will already be in 2019. With this is in mind I thought this might be the week for us all to share our plans for the coming year.

This week’s theme is Photographic resolutions

Have a think for a moment what your plans are for the following year. Is there a genre of photography you’d like to get better at? Perhaps you want to try something new - a different technique or a subject matter you’ve never shot before? Or maybe you’re planning to do a 365 project this year?

To give you some ideas, here’s what I’m planning for 2019….

As many of you will know, I have a particular interest in architectural photography. Over Christmas I’ve hired a tilt shift lens and I’ve had great fun experimenting with it. I want to improve my skills in this genre in 2019. I did a shoot earlier in December where I tried using some off camera flash to add a different element. I had more failures than successes that day but with practice that can only improve! This is one of the pictures I shot that day, at a disused church near where I live.

Another subject I love is street photography. I enjoy observing people on the street and trying to capture that crucial moment, be it a gesture or some dramatic lighting. I want to spend more time on street photography this year, trying to be braver in the way I shoot. I’m attending a workshop with Damien Demolder, a street photographer whose work I admire, in January so hopefully I’ll learn lots of things I can put into practice through the year.

While some of you may be embarking on 365 projects, I’ve just completed my tenth consecutive 365. I’m going to give myself a slightly easier schedule in 2019 but I’ll still be taking photos very regularly. My aim is to produce at least one photo each week that stretches me in some way each week, so I have some really good work to continbute towards the LRPS qualification I’d like to take. During a walk around the nature reserve a Pagham Harbour on Christmas Eve I experimented with some intentional camera movement. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I like the sense of movement it gives in the reeds.

If you are considering a 365 project for 2019, please do take a look at the Photoblog 365 Project Calendar over on our learning pages. It contains ideas for things to shoot for every day of the year, so you’ll never be lost for inspiration. You can find it here.

So there are some of my resolutions for 2019. Who knows whether I will achieve them, but I’ve got to try now I’ve told you all about them! I can’t wait to hear what plans you all have - whatever they are, I’m sure you’ll have a ball!

So all that remains is to wish you a very Happy New Year and I hope you have a wonderful 2019!

How to participate:

  • Please submit your photo by midnight GMT on Sunday 6th January
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  • If you post your picture early in the week don’t forget to pop back to see what others have shared and to cast your votes!

Winners of the last theme

Last week we had two winners of our celebratory themes, with these wonderfully festive images. Congratulations to you both!



(Berckmans Peter) #2

Resolutions for 2019, well I want to get better, be a more complete photographer. I love monochrome and will not abandon it, so get ready for some more B&W’s. Gonna work more with light, got a flash for my Xmass, in fact I am in favor of using natural light. But lets see what we can learn.Also not planning to buy new gear, work with what I have and if there is something new on the list it would be a new camerabody. So overall I want to do better, lets see if we can improve.

(D Vgz) #3

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(D Vgz) #4

Being new to the world of photography and all, my photographic resolutions are quiet simple: getting better.
I’m reading a lot, but that doesn’t really improve my photographic skills of course. Practice makes perfect, so therefore I’m going to try (and hopefully complete) the 365 project that Helen mentioned above. Keeping in mind that the photos do not necessarily need to be taken with my camera, but can also be taken with my phone. And another thing that I will keep in mind, not being able to upload a photo the day it is taken, does not mean that I failed. Being a bit of a perfectionist these two things can frustrate me from time to time, so the project is not only a good training for my photographic skills, but also to go easier on myself… :wink:

Besides the photo projects, I have two more things I want to be working on this year. I want to capture the different seasons by photographing the same spot through the year. Just need to find the ‘perfect’ spot :slight_smile: And, because I like long exposure shots and got a 10 stopper for Christmas, I want to do more of these shots. Capturing the beauty of nature, but in a slightly different way than seeing it with the naked eye. Always find them stunning when seeing other peoples photos, great inspiration! :slight_smile: These last two resolutions are not daily, so a lot less time consuming and more flexible :+1:

(Lisa Britton) #5

My goals for 2019 are to actually LEARN my camera. Last year when I got my camera for Christmas I was so excited to have it I just figured put how to point and shot. This year I want to actually learn how to use the settings and KNOW about my camera.
I will be picking 1 week a month to do a photo challenge for that week, something that holds meaning for that month, everyone is invited to join in.
I am also planning to entertain all of you with a piece of me and my quirkiness. Each week I will be photographing my nails for that week, for many who have followed me over the last 2 years you may remember that I change my polish each week and then that is the color I wear for the week. I want to document a year of my different designs and colors.
Finally I also would like to find a location/item to photograph each month and see the growth/change throughout the year.
Happy photographing to each and every one of you - Here’s to 2019.

(Camellia) #6

My goal for 2019 is to continue with the 365 challenge. Although there were days that I just didn’t have a clue as to what to photograph and kept trying ways to talk myself out of the challenge, I do believe that by sticking with the challenge have made some improvements. I am also wanting to focus more on macro photography and see if I can become better at it especially in the area of focusing and creating sharper images. That being said I still enjoy hearing the click of the camera so probably going to continue shooting anything that crosses my path :slight_smile:

(Kenny H) #7

My love for street photography is endless, but lately, life has been rearranging my priorities. This year, I resolve to go back to the streets, and share with all of you here, little slices of Philadelphia life.

(Camellia) #8

I agree with you Kenny, there is nothing like street photography to catch that candid look. Definitely one of my favorite genre of photography as well.

(Kenny H) #9

Great minds think alike!

(Heidi Egerman) #10

2019 Resolution. A year to learn.
My current plan is to read twelve photography books and watch relevant online videos and courses – one for each month of 2019. My initial goal is to post at least one Photoblog a week for the 52 weeks of the year. My intent is for each post to include a lesson along with a photo or two that represents what I am learning, challenges, failures and victories. To see more details about my plan see my current blogpost.

(Bethany Plonski) #11

I have a bad habit of stressing myself out with ambitious goals, so this year I’m trying to keep it simple. I plan to keep participating in the weekly challenge for all 52 weeks (sorry, you’re stuck with me :wink:), and each month I will give myself one additional self-directed assignment based on something that scares me a little. For example…taking pictures of people. I find this extremely uncomfortable. So for January, I decided to start with baby steps and photograph people I know. This is my oldest nephew Max, who was wonderful to work with, because he just wanted to have fun outside and paid me no attention at all while he played with his dad’s skateboard.

Also, thank you for voting last week and sharing your goals this week. I love seeing what everyone else is up to! Best of luck with your resolutions!

(Russell Smith) #12

Food I have it in my head that I am going to improve my food photography to a level that I am consistently happy with it . Macro well I have a macro lens now and there are several images ratteling in my head that I want to see if I can get out . Abstract well I want to play with that just to see. I am still trying to flesh out an idea for a long term project revolving around food and its meaning maybe to branch it out to culture too.

(Kenny H) #13

Sometimes, it helps if you point in the direction of people, and they catch you…act like they’re in your way, and sidestep them, then shoot off to the side! Lol
Its what I do.

(Camellia) #14

Thanks for sharing this trick Kenny :slight_smile:

(Bethany Plonski) #15

Yes, that is a really helpful idea! Thank you for sharing it!

(Helen Hooker) #16

What a great collection of resolutions! I forgot to post anything before the deadline I set, as so often happens! As I mentioned in the original post I want to really develop my architecture photography and I did some work on that over Christmas. I hired a tilt shift lens (eleven days hire for the price of two - it would have been rude not to!) over the festive period and used it to work on getting my shots more perfectly aligned in camera. The lens is a bit too expensive for me to buy one of my own yet, but I had fun experimenting. Here’s one of the shots I took with it in Chichester Cathedral on Boxing Day - without this lens it would have been almost impossible to get everything so straight, while still keeping the low shooting angle.