Weekly theme 6th January - Photographic resolutions

(Helen Hooker) #1

Hello everyone - a very happy new year to you all!

This week’s theme is Photographic resolutions

The new year is a time when we often make resolutions about what we’ll do differently in our lives, be it giving up bad habits, getting fitter or something else entirely. There’s no reason why we can’t do this with our photographic lives too so I thought we could use this week’s theme to share our plans for the coming year.

It could be that you plan to explore a new genre of photography or develop your skills in a particular area. Or perhaps you’re starting a new personal project - the possibilities are endless. Here are some of my plans for 2020….

Some of you will be aware of the prime lens project I started in November. I’m using a different prime lens each month, shooting with it exclusively for at least one day a week. It’s been an interesting experience so far, helping me to get to know the strengths of each focal length. If you would like to learn more about this project, and perhaps take part yourself, you can read about it on my blog here. This is one of the photos I took in December, using the 42.5mm lens I’d chosen for the month.

Another plan I have for 2020 is to actively study photography more. I attended an interesting workshop in London on election day last month and found it really helpful in terms of opening my eyes to new possibilities and trying different skills. I’m also working my way through an online course with David Duchemin and I want to try and hone my skills more this year.

Finally, I definitely plan to step up the progress of my City Churches project. I started this in 2014, to photograph all 56 churches in the square mile of the City of London. Last year it was rather neglected, but I’m hoping 2020 will be the year I finish off the last dozen churches!

So there are some of my photographic resolutions for 2020 - now it’s over to you to share what your plans are!

How to participate:

  • Please submit your photo by midnight GMT on Sunday 12th January.
  • To submit a photo, hit the Reply button below and upload your image(s). Please limit each post to one image.
  • Please try to also share your picture on your page over the main Photoblog platform and encourage others to visit the theme thread to participate and vote.
  • To vote, click the :heart: heart icon.
  • If you post your picture early in the week, don’t forget to pop back to see what others have shared and to cast your votes!

Winners of the last theme

Our extended festive theme had quite a few entries and I’m pleased to say we have two wonderfully colourful winners. Congratulations Camellia and Bethany!



(Kenny H) #2

See the World. Next stop: Dominican Republic

(Olga Helys) #3

A plan I have for 2020 is to EAT LIGHT&HEALTHY
Here a potato salad

(Camellia Staab) #4

Thank you Helen and everyone else that voted.I am humbled.

My resolution for this year is to travel as much as I can with my camera by my side.

(Jolien Dekens) #5

More hiking so more scenery photos!

(Berckmans Peter) #6

Playing around with some more vintage gear. This is done with a Fujica ST601, film Kodakcolor.

(Francis Parker) #7

To do more long exposure photography, particularly stars, the Milky Way, and water.

(Bethany Plonski) #8

Thank you to everyone for voting for my photo last week! I love seeing everyone’s submissions each week, and I missed Photoblog so much while I was away.

This year photography is taking a back seat to my writing in terms of priorities and resolutions, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be taking photos. In fact, I’m using my photos to inspire a collection of poetry. Last year I wrote a handful of poems based on natural elements and animals that I met while taking photos, and this image was one of the ones that sparked the series. In 2020 my goal is to continue writing until I’ve compiled a chapbook. I’m sure I’ll be interested in lots of other things along the way, but my main focus is to spend lots of time outside with my camera connecting with nature and connecting my passions of photography and poetry.