Weekly theme 7th January 2019 - It's all in the detail

(Abdul Rahman Ismail) #22

This stamen head, full of pollen, is located inside the flower bulb ( yellow in colour ). I love shooting macro because it broaden your knowledge of seemingly unimportant subject.

(Berckmans Peter) #23

Yeah ,no arms😇 and head😂

(D Vgz) #24

So, there is a story to this picture. For our one year anniversary my boyfriend got me a very sweet gift. He thought that I deserved more than only one gift for the occasion, and so he came up with this. He bought a book and cut out a square hole in several pages. Within the book he then hid 12 envelopes, one for each month we were together. Now I get to open a envelop every month to find out what the hint is of the surprise he is organising for that month. The surprise for this month is a day at the spa, and still I’ve got three envelopes left! :slight_smile:

(Camellia) #25

Now that is definitely a boyfriend to keep :slight_smile:. What a thoughtful present and so very romantic .

(L A Magee) #26

With a spider’s web… it’s all in the detail! The way the meticulously spread them across whatever they are around & attach them. Then the way that the dew settles upon them like small water pearls forming a beautiful strand.