Weekly theme for 10/7-10/13 yet?

(Anna Molly) #1

Is there a theme yet for this week 10/7-10/13? Not sure if I missed it, a lot going on here on my end. Thanks!

(Berckmans Peter) #2

A bit patience my dear,Helen is surely working on it. Sometimes can be a day late. But it will come

(Helen Hooker) #3

Yes, the theme will appear later today. Here in the U.K., it’s still Monday (the day I set the new theme each week) for another 6 hours so I’m not late yet! I’m travelling home from a course I’ve been teaching on and probably won’t be home for at least another couple of hours but I’ll make sure the new theme is posted before midnight. At least I can get into the forum again now so I won’t have to ask Ram to post it for me! :blush:

(Anna Molly) #4

Oh my gosh I’m sorry if that came off as an “attack” or anything negative, not my intention… I just wasn’t sure if I missed it or just wasn’t seeing this one in the thread and didn’t want to miss out that’s all. No rush or anything I just thought I messed up! Again, I apologize! Safe travel!

(Helen Hooker) #5

No problem at all - I’m home now so I’ll get the theme up before I head to bed :slight_smile: