Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Caroline Hooper) #185

thank you so much for the warm welcome Ram :blush:

(Berckmans Peter) #186

Hello there

My name is Berckmans Peter and live in Antwerp Belgium.
Love travelling, reading ( if there is time ) and walking.
After a long time I picked up a camera again and try to make some nice pictures.
But only having them on a pc or a book, I find a little bit sad, so why not share my pictures. With this idea I come to photoblog. Never blogged before, so have some patience with me.

Hope to have some fun and learn a lot.


(Philip Cleminson) #187

Hello @girafferacing and @canon6d

My name is Phil Cleminson and I am an amateur street photographer based in the UK. I joined Photoblog one week ago and this is the first blog that I have ever done. I have enjoyed it posting very much and also seeing the work of others.
I travel as much as possible and photography and travel are my two passions and for me at least, they go together very well. U until now most of my work has been posted on Face Book and I run a street photography site called Urban Street Photography. I bought my first DSLR about 4 years ago and so, as you can imagine, I still have a great deal to learn :slight_smile:
I look forward to developing my own blog here and meeting the members of the community in this forum

(Liis Aruvali) #188

Thank you Ram!

Yes, there is so much to see and I still have a bit of time left here, will surely fit another 2 road trips in if not more! Hopefully I inspire you with some ideas! :slight_smile:

(Polina Bykovskikh) #189

Hi everyone!

Great Hello for @cleminson and peterphotowalks :slight_smile: !

I’m glad to be on this site. This is a good place

I live in Saint Petersburg and I am amateur photographer. I like street photography, but I want to learn how to take photos of people. I hope that the blog will help me organize myself. Also I hope to find here an interesting communication. I really like to photograph planes, road, travels.

Recently I received a Nikon D200 camera. This is my first mirror camera with a lot of manual settings.
If someone wants to give me advice and recommendations, I will be happy!

And sorry for my English. I’m learning this language.

(Berckmans Peter) #190


I also just joined up, and feel pretty good about it;
My english is also not perfect, don’t worry about it.
Hope to see your work


(Derek Amoako) #191

Hi everyone,

My name is Derek, I’ve only recently taken up photography but I’m enjoying every moment. I’m a digital marketer by professional and previously worked in graphic design so I use to working with images. I’m very much into visual story telling and hoping to learn as much as I can. I’ve just published my first post. Would be great to get some feedback on it Vietnam Photo Diary: pt1Hanoi

(Vishesh Mulchan) #192

Hello everyone,

I’m an aspiring travel and street photographer from Trinidad and Tobago. My name is Vish and my hope here is to learn to be diciplined and consistent in posting and documenting my life, island and travels for anyone who might be interested. I’m a materials handler at an airline and i take road trips on weekends to work on my photography.

(Ananya Bose) #193

Hi there,
i am Ananya, an outdoors person. i enjoy clicking almost everything. i want to share photos as well as learn as much as possible.

(Shaibollah Kamari) #194

Hai everyone.

I’m Shaibollah from malaysia, coming back to photography after a long absent. Still nob to digital pothography. So please bear with me as my processing is lousy.

Hope to hear more.

(Emily Millar) #195

Hey everyone! I’m from a small town in County Antrim, Northern Ireland who is currently studying Geography in Liverpool. I have interests in art and photography in particular and about 4 months ago i decided that i had a story to tell and pictures to share with the world!!

It’s coming up to summer and im dying to get away for some adventures to document!

Any suggestions of anywhere European?

(Sven Flück) #196

Hello everyone!

I`m from a small town in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. I like to drink beer, go skiing and capture some moments in my life.

If you are in the middle of Switzerland, hit me up!!


(Giorgos Spyridakos) #197

Hi there! Nice to meet you here! I am Giorgos, an amateur photographer located in Athens, Greece. My favorite subject is landscape photography. With time, we will get to meet each other better and hopefully we will gain many things from each other!
Tal again!

(Syelmi M) #198

Hello Everyone!

Pretty new here, my name is syelmi and I usually do mobile photography. I do not have a DSLR camera not by choice but by budget constraints :smiley: I am very loyal to Asus phones and so far they are great companions in travels and picture taking.

My photoblog is usually just random stuff with personal notes here and there… uhm. I hope you come visit I try to update as often as I can. Hoping to have more friends from here!

(Al Amin) #199

hello! i’m alamin, i’m new in here this is why i can’t understand how to use it! please follow me for see my photographs and then message me for follow you!

(Tina Lawrence) #200

Hello, i’m Tina, aka k9carer. Dogs are my passion and having two of them needing to walk and socialize every day means I get a lot of opportunities to photograph them. I sometimes take portrait style photos for the dogs owners but I much prefer photographing them at play or chilling with their friends. Although this means a lot of pictures have to be discarded because they’ve gone out of shot or are out of focus, it’s worth it for the tender or amusing moments. I also like taking nature photos. When I’m not out with the dogs I’m making wedding jewellery.

I’m finding doing my photobog slow-going as I’m dyslexic and it takes me a long time to understand instructions. I much prefer taking photos than tring to write about them :wink:

(Trinity Shuttleworth) #201

Hey everyone!! My name is Trinity, I’m a 15 year old Australian with a passion for photography. I’m Pretty new to PhotoBlog so I’m still getting used to how to use it. I used to take photos with my dads camera when i was younger which is where my love of photography first came about.
I love to travel and have been around America, England and a few places around Europe. When I’m not taking photos i’ll either be watching Dr Who or working through a pile of homework. I love taking photos of everything from landscapes to using a macro lens, although my favourite thing to do would have to be playing around with exposures and building on my photography skills as i still have lots to learn!
I’m hoping my experience with PhotoBlog will help me expands my knowledge :)))

(Beata) #202

A big hello from polish girl with a big passion for travels! I’ve had few attempts to create my own blog already as like writing as much as photography however can’t spare much time for it with a full time job. This is a great space for me to say something with not saying anything really … I’m not a proffessional photographer and never learnt how to take pictures properly. I just love to see extraordinery features in ordinary world. Some of my pictures are done by phone, some by camera, … Some of them are far away from perfect but I like them as they have emotions in.
Hope to know you all better soon.

(Ursula Izquierdo) #203

Hi Everyone! I’m very new to photoblog, a whole 15 minutes, but this seems to be a great place to share some of my photos and memories from travels. I’m always hunting for my next destination and I don’t think that will ever change. I’m by no way a professional photographer or anything close, I prefer ‘picture taker’. Looking forward to capturing and sharing some of my favorite memories…I’ll try to update as often as possible and check out some other photoblogs as well :slight_smile:

xx Ursula

(Jacqueline Tshiteya) #204

Hello! I am currently in Chongqing,China and thought it would be nice to share some pictures Ive taken along the way. I have an interest in various types of photography but particularly macro and people/street. I look forward to seeing everyone else’s work!