Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Sandy Shaffer) #205

HI Everyone ! I am sandy from Rochester NY . Love creative people and learning from everyone I meet. Photography has been an outlet for events, weddings, nature and getting me out of my shell to be open to new experiences ! Thanks for the welcome !

(Krista P) #206

Hi all, my name is Krista, I am very new to photography and also to Photoblog. I look forward to learning new things and improving my skills and the fun adventures that it has and will bring.

(On My Way To Mozambique) #207

Hi to all! I’m Rimas , living in Glasgow, Scotland. Happy to join this inspiring community and meet photo enthusiasts from all over the World. Good to see so many travelers here, share the moments from my trips and find ideas for next trails!

(Elena Keränen) #208

Hello! I’m 19 years old girl from Finland, but currently I live in the United States. I fell in love with photographing the day when I came here when I saw all the views I had never seen before. I wanted to capture them for lifetime memories so I would never forget that feeling. Today, I still love photographing. It’s my way to express myself and be creative. It also reminds me all of the beautiful things there are in this world.

(Alfi Dcruz) #209

HI I am Alex and I have just completed my studies in mass communication. I have decided to involve myself in showing the hidden beauties of the nature starting from birds butterfly around me. Its amazing to hear these silent voices and am all set to rock with my canon 60 D Dslr. I love photography and wanna share my experience and some photos to the world

(Berckmans Peter) #210

Nice that you joined, looking forward to some pics

(Klyne Bacala) #211

Hi Everyone,
I just recently joined PhotoBlog. I’m still getting the hang of it. I enjoyed looking at everyone’s photos! they’re so amazing. I am not a photographer, but I simply like to take photos, I don’t even have a proper camera, I have my phone, that’s about it. I’m hoping to be able to buy a decent camera someday. I am learning a lot of styles and shots in here, adding on to what I already know. The first time I got into photography was when I was in year 10, I learned a few things although it wasn’t that in depth, but it was enough to spark my interest. Thanks to PhotoBlog and everyone in here, I am able to express my thoughts on things and learn as well.

(Pihu Sag) #212

myself priyanka pandya. photography is my passion…i like n damn love to do it…when i am getting bored or moodless at that time i only like to do photography and within a 10-15 minutes i am again getting fresh …i like to travel whole world for photography…

(Kačka Hánová) #213

Hi to everyone!

My name is Katerina (aka Katie, Kate or so), I´m 24 years old, live in the Czech republic and I love taking pictures. In 2015 I bought my first DSLR camera and 4 months later I sell it to someone else. Why? Because it was too big and heavy and I realised that I only take pictures on my iPhone. In 2016 I bought the mirrorless Olympus Pen 7. It´s smaller, less heavy and I still do not use it as often as I want to. That´s why I am here on PhotoBlog - to have a motivation for my 365 Project - all pictures taken only with Olympus. To find my way to this camera.

And of course! Hello to @reeva and @pihusag! I´ll visit your galleries soon :wink:

(Przemysław Mirecki) #214

my name is Przemysław Mirecki. This is my first photoblog. I prefer photos in prints, not in electronical form :). But electronic forms have more recipients.
And blog gives a possibility to “organize” my “photoaccidents”.
Special hello to @kacka and

(Przemysław Mirecki) #215

… and @pihusag (the blog system blocked two links in one post) :smile:

(Rajat Gupta) #216

Hi Everyone, my name is Rajat.

I love to work around and take pictures of nature.

I recently found photoblog.com and I am loving it.

Special hello to @przemomir

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Millicent Pryce) #217

Hi everyone, My name is Millicent and I am excited to be a part of this community where I may share not only photos but also ideas for advancement. I am a novice in the field and have started learning already how to better pics.

I look forward to a positive and fruitful journey here :two_hearts:

(Nicholas Navaro) #218

Hello Everybody! I’m not sure if I am doing this right, but let’s give it a shot. I discovered yhis site like 5 minutes ago after telling myself that I wanted to have a blog-related site of some photography interests and try to generate some knowledge and skills. I don’t even have a camera that is not a phone, but I enjoy snapping shots nonetheless. Look forward to getting to talk to many of you hopefully. Hello @millipea! :grin:

(Millicent Pryce) #219

Hey Navaro,
We have something in common :smile: an interest in capturing the ‘moments’ as they come. I’m already enjoying the support of this wonderful team, no doubt you’ll like it here!

(Alessandro Colombo) #220

Hello everybody,

my name’s Alessandro, but I go by Alex.
I am originally from Italy but I’m currently living in the US (Philadelphia, PA).
I ended up on photoblog while searching a platform to share some stories along with my photos…I kinda do that with Instagram and 500px, but I felt like I needed something different. Well, this community looks like what I had in mind.

I shoot mainly street and travel pictures. Even though I love the outdoors, I still have to find a way to capture those moments with a camera that satisfies me.

I want to say hello to theuselessview, I like your picture of the wiener schnitzel
Also, hi to @emilysmayy… Colorado sounds like a nice place for outdoors adventures, it’s in my bucket list.

(Olumide Afolami) #221

Hi guys. I’m A Nigerian international student in Canada who happens to enjoy capturing the world I find myself in. I hope to create a niche/ vibe through my pictures- Positive of course. I only recently began and won’t mind being shared to the world.
Also, feel free to try linking with me: I’ll shoot you emphasized text to hone my skills.
Peep my blog and leave comment. Shalom.

(Linda Reynolds) #222

Hi I’m Linda from New Zealand. I love taking photos especially landscape and seascape. I have a lot to learn as am taking up this hobby later in life. Hoping to learn a great deal from members of this community. Feedback on my images will always be welcome. Looking forward to gaining tips and hints to make improvements. I enjoy seeing what others achieve almost as much as creating my own. I am grateful to have found a site where I can learn so much. Linda

(Craig Strachan) #223

Hi, I am Craig, I am Scottish but live in Berlin currently. This City is a wonderful place to go and take pictures however I do miss the mountains of home. I prefer taking pictures to writing about them which I feel lets me down, so here I am trying to better myself in some way.

Hello @virgo49 I hope we can contribute to what looks like a good blogging platform.

If anyone would like to follow me on instagram just search for BerlinSkye.


(Vijayan Haridas) #224

Hi, this is Vijay here from Singapore. Nice getting to know this community and all the photographers in this community. While sourcing around the web to start a photo blog I chanced upon PhotoBlog. Loved the movement and it’s objective.

Looking forward to get connected with lots of you folks. Photography is a close to heart hobby for me where I spend my weekends snapping away. @spandau looking forward to visit you blog soon. Cheers everyone and have a great weekend.

Regards, Vijayan/OldSage