Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Eugene Wang) #225

hi guys.

Thanks to @canon6d for the warm welcome, liking my albums and all. It has been very encouraging. :star_struck:

i’m an amateur hobbyist photographer. I was looking for a blog as a journal of how much (if i even will) improve shooting manual on these 35mm films.

Then I stumble upon photoblog. Loved how clean it is, decided to stay. :smiley:

(Ram Ya) #226

@eugenethestoryteller Thanks, Eugene and welcome to PhotoBlog!
I loved seeing your going analog post. Those photos look sharp and the colors are great too. How do you convert them to digital?

@oldsage I saw that your blog return an error. Did we change the username or if this something else?
@spandau I saw the blog URL at photoblog.com/spandau doesn’t work any more did you have any issues with it

(Eugene Wang) #227

@canon6d The local labs near me provide develop and scanning service. My first experience was an unpleasant one. The scan came back very grainy with no details. I thought I’ve done something terribly wrong.

Upon inspecting the files, the scans are provided are very low in resolution. Turns out it was the lab at fault! I brought the same roll of developed film to a different photo lab and had it rescanned. Voila! The results are what you see in Going Analogue

(Tasty) #228

Hello! Waiting for your stories :slight_smile:

(Pete Fitzgetald) #229

Hi everyone I am Fitzy,
** I am a newbie in here. I started on this site a while back, but never really used it, however I am back up and running and hope to have some fun with it and others on here. I hope to meet many other members on here and maybe pick your brains for tips and just sit back and be amazed by others talents for capturing life on film **

(N Yoga) #230

hello friends…
my name is Chandra and i joined photoblog recently. i am a yoga teacher from India and i have a yoga school " Chandra Yoga International School" in world capital of yoga Rishikesh,India. our school is certified by certified by Yoga Alliance U.S.A.
Rishikesh is a beautiful place surrounded with Himalaya and Holly River Ganaga.
Ours school environment is most suitable place to perform yoga and we provides skilled teachers.
if you are interest in yoga please do follow me.:neutral_face::neutral_face:
Thanking you

(Johanna Rosbäck) #231

Hi, my name is Johanna, I’m from Stockholm, Sweden, but I live in Lima, Peru. I take photography as something little more than a hobby but I don’t live on it, yet. I really like to take photos and it is a pleasure to share my passion on this site. Thank you.

(Robert Taylor) #232

Hi my name is Robert and i call Windso Ontarior Canada home. I am a artiest by trade, wife got me my first camera to get me out of the house and now I am hooked. I am not a pro by a long shot, I just love taking photographs. I have not been in PhotoBlog long but I am really enjoying the talent of you all, glad to be here.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #233

my name is Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue. Yes, me and my name, we both have a lot of character … Therefore I use an acronym: Sistlau. I’m from Frankfurt (Germany) and live in Vienna (Austria).

I love photography but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it. I got my first camera when I was in elementary school. I started BW-photography in high school. I was very proud of my darkroom knowledge, which was and is not extensive. I’m an archeologist and I have photographed for many years for the purpose of documentation only. Photography in my spare time? Yes, of course. I always have my camera in my handbag. Sadly, it’s a small camera in a big bag and not the other way around. Nevertheless, I’m the proud owner of a Panasonic TZ 41. But I’m always trying to shoot as fast as a gunslinger.

Why am I here? It’s all Thomas’ fault – THANKS! He started blogging – I love(d) to visit his blog – and then I started to look at this amazing community for more photo bloggers with even more pictures. AND now I’m here, too – feeling very small and thrilled.

(Noemi De La Ville) #234

Hello every one
I have been taking pics for a while and decided to become a photo blogger, so you can “see” through my lens when Im on my travels…exciting…

Started with my most recent travel to the Middle East…so please enjoy the pics and let me know what do do you think


(Robert Carpenter) #235

My name is Robert. This is my first time blogging. I have loved taking pictures ever since I was a kid, but lacked the discipline to be consistent about taking pictures on a regular basis. I plan to use this blog to keep me focused on getting out and honing my skills. I’m also looking forward to receiving feedback from a larger community other than my family. I hope to pick up some good advice along the way. Looking forward to interacting with the community and taking my hobby to the next level.

(Jaz Jamaludin) #236

Hello. My name Is Jaz. 22 yrs old From Malaysia. I love photography but just bought a camera to become a professional photographer. Hope you guys can guide me to be the best among the best

(Emily Hicks) #237

Hello everyone :slight_smile: my name is Emily Hicks i am 16 years old, i want to be a photographer, im going to college for it not sure which yet. I am just starting out on this website so i hope it goes well. I have this project to be a known photographer at least on here. I hope to get followed. In my English class i have this 20 time where we find what we want to do in the future but we have to create something so i created a blog, i hope people follow me on here so i know im at least getting somewhere. Thanks :smile: Message me some pointers that would be wonderful.

(Emily Hicks) #238

Hello im Emily Hicks im a new photographer, and trying to get some where with this. Can you follow me? I love your pictures.

(Ram Ya) #239

Welcome to PhotoBlog, Emily!
I love how you fill your frame with your subjects in this

Count me in as a follower :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #240

Hey Jaz,
Welcome to PhotoBlog.I’ve been to malasiya and I loved the foos. Hoping to catcha glimpse of Malasiya through your blog :slight_smile:

(Emily Hicks) #241

Thank you so much! This is an awesome start!

(Bo Rosén) #242

Hello everyone (that is a lovely pic above @blondemm16 ).
I’ve been browsing the site a little for the past week or so, reading some of the tutorials, and am seriously thinking about stetting up my own blog here.

I’m a rank beginner though, I can barely tell my ISOs from my shutter speeds, but want to ‘level up’ from just my smartphone, so I’m mostly here to learn and see what magic the rest of you put up here.

(Ines Fabijan) #243

from me
from Croatia
I’m enjoying taking macro nature photos, still amateur after all those years, but still tryin’ and learning
hoping to have a good time here with you ppl :slight_smile:
wish you all good luck and lots of great shots

(Mónika Szabo) #244

hi All I’m Monika from Budapest Hungary. I’m amateur, love taking photos, like macros, paralell lines and catch the details . however i do not have a very serious machine. I take pictures by an analog photo machine: Konica autoreflex T3, by a Sony compact photo machine, and by a simple mobile phone. I want to beleive that photos de not depend (only) on the machine. I am here to share, to see, and especially to learn! :slight_smile: