Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Pete Fitzgetald) #266

Welcome Meghan, I’m on the South Shore, nice to see a fellow Massachusetts shutter bug. Hope you enjoy the site.

(Meghan Mccrorey) #267

Thanks! I am excited to be here and meet someone so close to home!

(Meghan Mccrorey) #268

Thank you! I am happy to be here.

(Regan Doss) #269

Hi Carmen I’m Regan and in highschool and I’m pretty beginner too but we are just gonna see how this this goes. My goal is to intern for a pro in Dallas!

(Russell Smith) #270

Best of luck. It is a great community here Look forward to seeing your work.

(Paul Watson) #271

Hi Everyone, I joined so that I could have the incentive to do the 365 this year. So far, so good, I think I’ve only missed a day! I’ve been “into” photography since my teens ( a lot of years!) and have done the odd course, but still struggle for inspiration and (especially) composition, so loving all the posts from everyone giving me that inspiration and the urge to do more. Thanks to so many for liking my pics and following me, so far. :smile:

(Pete Fitzgetald) #272

welcome and enjoy Regan

(Lisa Britton) #273

It is lots of to do this with others - Keep up the great photos

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #274

Hello Ram and community of photo bloggers!

I am a new member this month. I am from Minnesota and also love hiking and the great outdoors. I am just learning how to tell a story with my photography. I recently took a Lyane Kennedy workshop and that was his focus of the week to build a story from your photos. I jumped on board with this photoblog site so I could learn more about storytelling.

I am a passionate photographer and seem to dedicate most of my time towards learning all I can. A dream place for me to go visit is New Zealand. I am taking a photography course and a photographer from there is my mentor. Maybe someday I’ll meet up with him.

(Lisa Britton) #275

Welcome, This is a great site with lots of encouragement and great people.

(Chossid) #276

Hi! This is Leah. I’ve been a member of Photoblog for many years, though my posts have been pretty spotty the last few years, as our lives were turned upside down and we were thrown into limbo. I’m not a professional by any means, but I like being creative and I like noticing little things that beg to be photographed. I was looking for old photo friends from the original Photoblog, but only see a handful. When I joined, I knew absolutely nothing about photography. Not even that a photo could be edited. A lot of what I’ve learned since, I learned here on Photoblog.

I’m having problems using Photoblog from my phone. I can’t post in the weekly challenge. I tried posting more photos and they don’t upload. I can’t find my list of friends and people who are following me, so I can visit them. Is it possible yet to back post?

Thanks! Especial thanks to Ram.

(Neharaletta) #277

hey hi
thanks for describe to phtography related bold and its is very helfull
thanku so much … and sweet selfie also part of photos

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #278

Welcome, Neharaletta glad you are here!

(Traci Gasho) #279

Hello! My name is Traci. I’ve been taking photos as a hobby for the past 8 years.
I enjoy taking photos of nature, cityscapes, and animals, oh and Disney when I get there.

Taking portraits is not one of my fortes but I enjoy capturing real life candid shots of people.

I’m happy to meet all of you.

(Lisa Britton) #280

Welcome - this is a great place to post and share

(Radha Mistry) #281


I am curious. Can we post stories where we didn’t actually take the pictures ourselves e.g. took them from a website etc? I want to write a decent amount on topics I feel passionately about, and some places I have not been to yet.

(Berckmans Peter) #282

Hey Welcome

If you use a photo from somebody else, you have to give credit to them, mention the name of the photogrepher or where you got it from. Personally I do not use photos from somebody else, but if it helps with your story and correctly used why not. also try to use your own photos.

(Radha Mistry) #283

ok thank you and also if a person saves a version of their story as a draft, how can you open it up later again? I can never find mine again!

(Berckmans Peter) #284

I believe that is under manage posts

(Mary Pauline Mahaydik) #285

Hello from New Jersey, USA ! I’m 50-something and have been slowly finding my way back to the love of photography after a few years of absence due to life events. I graduated 2014 from New York Institute of Photography and also grew up learning to love photography from my father. He was self taught and developed black and white film in our bathroom in the 70s and 80s. I’ve also graduated from another school in a professional blogging program.

Currently, I am again a student of New York Institute of Photography in the videography program. I’m also a NJ real estate agent who needs to find another income. Thinking of possibly starting a photography business but I really have no money. Would like to get into social media management of some sort.

In addition to being behind the cameras, I enjoy the history of photography and like to write. I prefer film over digital any day. Looking forward to participating in the photoblog community and getting reinvolved in photography; because, my future may very well depend on it. Grin.