Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Kenny H) #328

Welcome to photoblog!

(Lisa Britton) #329

Welcome, this is a great place to start and enjoy your passion.

(Pete Fitzgetald) #330

Well good luck on your 365, and welcome to Photoblog

(Lisa Britton) #331

Phones take great pics. My first 365 was with my Iphone. I only got my first Nikon for Christmas 2017 and then completed my second 365. I am now working on my third 365 and taking photo’s with whatever I have handy where ever I am (I do carry my Nikon with me every day, even to work, but still pull out my phone for that quick pic). Point, click and enjoy the journey.

(Rachel The Introvert) #332

Hi there!

It’s taken me a bit in stumbling around to try and figure out where everything is but I’m slowly but surely getting dug in, I love the layout of photoblog and everyone has been so nice to me so far. Really appreciate how kind this community has been thus far. I’ve been doing photography for a number of years - I started a business two years ago and did really well with it until my soul started to die inside. I realized I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore as a business. This year I took a break and have gotten back to what I love shooting best which is mainly landscapes, outdoors, nature and of course those I love. I love to write and sometimes ramble too much. It helps feeling like there isn’t any particular expectation like one might need to fulfill the same way on IG. I don’t feel pressured to stick to a theme or stay gridlocked into a style or niche. I like posting images that I love or that speak to me and having them in a nice neat layout to come back to you.
I have a serious obsession with roads - that is probably what I take pictures of the most! It reminds me of growth and t about making life about the experience. Anyway see there I go rambling again. Thank you for allowing me to join this talented community!:heart:


(Berckmans Peter) #333

Beautifull photo. Something I heard before, taking phots as a hobby, want to make a bussiness of it and after a while the magic is gone. This in my mind has to do that you work on order and you losse a lot of your creative freedom. Only a handfull can shoot the pics they want and make a living from it. But you are very welcome here;

(Can G) #334

Hi @culvi and @missinterpretations and everyone else on here!

My name is Can and I’m from the south western part of Germany. I enjoy photography and the stories it tells. I started with more “serious” photography about 1 1/2 years ago when I bought my first digital camera and I’m trying to learn something new every day. I love being inspired by other people’s photography and feel this is a good community to get inspired and to learn from! I’m also very much interested in Information Technology, which also happens to be my profession for almost 20 years now.

I am also an avid traveller and that’s where most of my shots originate from. My favourite genre is probably Street, but I do like most other kinds of photography as well.

I’m looking forward to learn with you guys and having a nice time in this community!


(Lisa Britton) #335

Welcome and so nice to have you here.
Looking forward to your journey with us here on PB.

(Rachel The Introvert) #336

Hi Can!
Welcome. Although somewhat new myself I have quickly fallen in love with this commmunity. I
Hope it inspires you as much as it has me❤️

(Russell Smith) #337

Welcome look forward to seeing more of your work :slight_smile:

(Can G) #338

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

(Pete Fitzgetald) #339

Welcome Can I hope you enjoy the site, there are some very cool folks here

(Jon Fitton) #340

Hi All, including @russsmith and @missinterpretations,
I’m Jon and new to the site, so thought I’d introduce myself. I’ve recently retired so hoping for more time to devote to photography. I tend to do most of my photo-sharing in Flickr and Facebook, depending upon the intended audience, and have recently started a portfolio of sorts within the Adobe cloud. I’m hoping this site will augent these - not entirely sure how I’ll use it yet, so it will probably evolve as I progress.
Aside from my own photography it’s been good to look at some of the excellent and inspiring images on the site. I look forward to more of that.

(Lisa Britton) #341

Welcome Jon,
This is a great site to post and explore. Enjoy!

(Russell Smith) #342

@jonfitton welcome to the site. There are some very cool and nice people here :slight_smile:

(Kenny H) #343

Welcome jon!
Have fun!

(Can G) #344

Welcome Jon, I’m quite new here as well but am enjoying it already. Wish you a good time as well!

(Pete Fitzgetald) #345

Welcome Jon, we have a great group in here, I hope you like what you see.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #346

Hallo Can,
bin schon gespannt noch mehr Fotos zu sehen - vor allem streetphotography, die meine absolute Schwäche ist.
Ich bin übrigens aus Frankfurt/Main und lebe in Wien.
lg Sigrid

(Melinda J Johnson) #347

Hello, PhotoBlog Community!

I’m a previously-professional photographer (from the days of film and dark rooms) who transitioned down to an advanced hobbyist after obtaining her doctorate in audiology and adopting two very silly boys. Friends, family, and the surrounding community have nagged at me for, literally, over a decade to offer my photos for profit, and to “write a book”. It just so happens, I’m not all that brave.

I’m a new member to Photoblog, dipping my toes in the water, in consideration of that very dream. My boys are now growing in independence, so here’s where I start weighing my choices. Do I return to structured employment outside the home, or a leap outside my comfort zone into self-employment via photography and writing. Yikes! I’m here for inspiration, advice, and the general meeting of minds amongst people who share my passion.

I live with my husband, sons, and two rescue dogs in the great, wild state of Wyoming, right by the gate of Yellowstone. My passion for the honest, courageous, and tenacious pursuit of Abundant Life fuels me, and keeps me from accepting anything less. Plus, my boys are watching. :wink:

Thank you for sharing your hearts with me through your words and images.