Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Kenny H) #328

Welcome to photoblog!

(Lisa Britton) #329

Welcome, this is a great place to start and enjoy your passion.

(Pete Fitzgetald) #330

Well good luck on your 365, and welcome to Photoblog

(Lisa Britton) #331

Phones take great pics. My first 365 was with my Iphone. I only got my first Nikon for Christmas 2017 and then completed my second 365. I am now working on my third 365 and taking photo’s with whatever I have handy where ever I am (I do carry my Nikon with me every day, even to work, but still pull out my phone for that quick pic). Point, click and enjoy the journey.

(Rachel The Introvert) #332

Hi there!

It’s taken me a bit in stumbling around to try and figure out where everything is but I’m slowly but surely getting dug in, I love the layout of photoblog and everyone has been so nice to me so far. Really appreciate how kind this community has been thus far. I’ve been doing photography for a number of years - I started a business two years ago and did really well with it until my soul started to die inside. I realized I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore as a business. This year I took a break and have gotten back to what I love shooting best which is mainly landscapes, outdoors, nature and of course those I love. I love to write and sometimes ramble too much. It helps feeling like there isn’t any particular expectation like one might need to fulfill the same way on IG. I don’t feel pressured to stick to a theme or stay gridlocked into a style or niche. I like posting images that I love or that speak to me and having them in a nice neat layout to come back to you.
I have a serious obsession with roads - that is probably what I take pictures of the most! It reminds me of growth and t about making life about the experience. Anyway see there I go rambling again. Thank you for allowing me to join this talented community!:heart:


(Berckmans Peter) #333

Beautifull photo. Something I heard before, taking phots as a hobby, want to make a bussiness of it and after a while the magic is gone. This in my mind has to do that you work on order and you losse a lot of your creative freedom. Only a handfull can shoot the pics they want and make a living from it. But you are very welcome here;

(Can G) #334

Hi @culvi and @missinterpretations and everyone else on here!

My name is Can and I’m from the south western part of Germany. I enjoy photography and the stories it tells. I started with more “serious” photography about 1 1/2 years ago when I bought my first digital camera and I’m trying to learn something new every day. I love being inspired by other people’s photography and feel this is a good community to get inspired and to learn from! I’m also very much interested in Information Technology, which also happens to be my profession for almost 20 years now.

I am also an avid traveller and that’s where most of my shots originate from. My favourite genre is probably Street, but I do like most other kinds of photography as well.

I’m looking forward to learn with you guys and having a nice time in this community!


(Lisa Britton) #335

Welcome and so nice to have you here.
Looking forward to your journey with us here on PB.

(Rachel The Introvert) #336

Hi Can!
Welcome. Although somewhat new myself I have quickly fallen in love with this commmunity. I
Hope it inspires you as much as it has me❤️

(Russell Smith) #337

Welcome look forward to seeing more of your work :slight_smile:

(Can G) #338

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

(Pete Fitzgetald) #339

Welcome Can I hope you enjoy the site, there are some very cool folks here