Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Ram Ya) #22

Welcome to the forum Daniel. Absolutely love your photos!
I have been to Germany (Frankfurt) I loved the old market square you have in the center of this city. I think it is called “Römer”.

(Carmen Boutot) #23

Hello! I’m Carmen,

I joined PhotoBlog a couple months ago, I love landscape photography, and I enjoy hiking a lot. I’m a very novice-leveled photographer lol, but I love looking at all your work, everyone’s so talented :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #24

Welcome to the forum, @carmen2. I hope you like it here.
It’s a big different from the blog but can be a great place to ask questions or share knowledge

(Pedro Silva) #25

Hi everyone, my name is Pedro, i´m an lawer and an amateur fotographer, i was born im Portugal, but now living in Brazil,i´m loving this world of photograf, i hope to learn a litlle more here, thanks to all

(Jay Boggess) #26

Hi Pedro! My name is Jay. I live in Port Angeles, Washington, USA. I think you will find many nice, helpful and talented folks, here on PB. I’ll be looking forward to your images! Cheers!

(Adrianshot) #27

Hello, my friends! I’m Adrian from Malaysia. I joined photoblog since 2009 and I’m really happy about the update recently. Im working in the television industry and I’m a photography enthusiast who likes architecture and street photography. I do backpack around Asia countries often too! My photographs are in both film and digital because I always believe that inspiration comes in many form. Photoblog is a platform that proof to us that the power of camera lives on to touch us all. Here is my photoblog www.photoblog.com/adrianshot. Nice to meet you all, cheers!

(Jay Boggess) #28

Welcome Adrian! I’ll look forward to your offerings!
My name is Jay. I live in port Angeles, WA, USA.
My photoblog is" www.photoblog.com/dogydad2

(Prichelyn Habeck) #29

Hi Im Pretch, Im new here at Photoblog community and I would love to see your amazing photos here soon.

(Jay Boggess) #30

Welcome, Pretch!
Glad to have you.
My name is Jay. I live in Port Angeles, WA, USA.
My photoblog is: www.photoblog.com/dogydad2
I’ll look froward to your offerings!

(Brendan Hennessy) #31

Hello, my name is Brendan. I have been on and off photoblog since 2008. After some lean years in terms of photography I am now looking to get started again. So heres to looking forward to new learnings and a new start.


(Jay Boggess) #32

Welcome back, Brenden!
Glad to have you.
My name is Jay. I live in Port Angeles, WA, USA.
My photoblog is: www.photoblog.com/dogydad2
I’ll look forward to your offerings!

(Grant Lawrence) #33

Hey, my name is Grant.

I picked up an old D3100 a few months ago and decided to just follow my wife around taking pictures of where we went. Really just a way to chronicle what we do.

My Gypsy Queen

I have no idea what I am doing, just learning as I go. Downloaded some reading material and switched to manual, grabbed a nice little second hand lens… having great fun.

Currently living in Melbourne, Australia. About to head off to KL, Malaysia for a year.

Who knows where after that. I just follow my gypsy wife around the world.

Thanks to all the contributors. I enjoy browsing.


(Paolo Martini) #34

Hi all … !!!

(Mandy Mitchell) #35

Hey everyone!

My name is Mandy, from South Africa. I’m new to photography, but it is something I enjoy doing. So I’m really excited to learn from all of you.

In my free time I love to chat to people, go to the movies or just be outdoors.

I’m the adventure type!

(Dean Singleton) #36

Welcome to the Blog Mandy. One of the main reasons I joined back in 2007 was to learn, and I’ve picked up a tremendous amount of information from not only the pros but the newbies too. Don’t be picky who you learn from, just go out and have fun. As you have the fun, you’ll learn at the same time. Once again welcome.

(Katy) #37

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

My names Katy and I am a traveller and wannabe photographer! I have been wanting to start a blog for years but never had the time or found a site that fit the layout and style I wanted.
Photoblog so far is perfect except - how long do posts take to be published? I posted two yesterday and I am still waiting for a approval.

(Ben Mckechnie) #38


My name’s Ben. I’m 31 years old and from England. I love traveling, photography, hiking, long train journeys, street food, and learning languages. I’ve lived in South Korea for 4 years, Japan for 1 year, and in China, Spain, Italy for 6 months each. I’m also PhotoBlog’s new Community Manager, so please reach out to say hi and ask questions whenever you feel like it.

I’ve just posted a new Forum Topic titled ‘What are some unmissable places for photography in your home country/state/province?’ I think this could be a really interesting discussion. I hope to see you over on that thread soon.


(Christine Lai) #39

Hi everyone,
I’m Christine, and I am doing research in Uganda for the next 6 months or so and thought I would photograph my experiences in East Africa. Everyone’s photos are so interesting and inspiring! Looking forward to all your future photos!

(Leslie D) #40

My name is Leslie, and I joined PhotoBlog in January 2011. I’ve made many friends here over the years, and look forward to making many more. We’re all traveling this world together, and I love seeing images from places I would only visit in my dreams.

(Ben Mckechnie) #41

Hi Christine! Welcome to the PhotoBlog community. I’m the community manager, so feel free to direct any questions you have my way. I can’t wait to see your images from Uganda. Cheers, Ben