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(Sanyog Patial) #388

Thank you very much!:pray:

(Russell Smith) #389

Welcome to Photoblog and enjoy :slight_smile:

(Sanyog Patial) #390

Thank you very much!

(Carlos Zorrilla) #391

HI, my name is Carlos Zorrilla. I am a conservation photographer based in Ecuador. When I’m not fighting off extractive industries trying to destroy the pristine biodiversity hotspots that exist in this beautiful country I am taking pictures of those very same threatened species. For more on my work fighting mining companies in Intag Ecuador, just do a search for : mining in Intag, Ecuador.

thanks, and I look forward to browsing everyone’s pictures!


(Berckmans Peter) #392

Welcome Carlos. You are fighting a noble cause. All respect. Looking forward to your work. Enjoy photoblog and have fun