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Hello @maharba
Welcome on board! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @hellion183! Welcome and have a great time here on PB! :slight_smile:

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Hello @piotrm1
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(Anthony Moberg) #411

Hello Everybody,

My name is Anthony. Im out here in the cold state of Minnesota. -1 outside today. :cold_face:
I dipped my feet in photography back in 2010. I then went on a 5 year hiatus. Then I start to go out more but then stopped for another few years. Now Im back in the game and have taken several steps in to really learning about photography. Im now fully comfortable working in manual mode on my camera. I enjoy using my 50mm prime lens as much as possible. I enjoy challenging myself to find creative angles for my pictures. Some how I enjoy taking pictures of peoples pets the most. Just posted my first blog today about an 8 hour race I race a few weeks ago. @canon6d, @tiffany2

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Welcome Anthony,you gonna enjoy this blog

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Hi Anthony! Welcome and have fun :wink:

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(Edward Ohre) #415

Hello everyone, My name is Edward, an Electrical Engineer and Armature photographer from Nigeria. I joined PhotoBlog a couple of days ago and will be pleased to meet new friends here.

I love Landscape and plants photography and love zooming out the smallest of things in nature that the human mind and eyes wouldn’t think about.

I have my limitations too and that is inability to use photo editing apps and I would like someone who would put me through one or learn with me too. I’ll be glad to hear from you soon.

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Hello @hellion183 @lifeisgood

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Hello @edward365
Welcome onboard and have fun! :slight_smile:

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Enjoy yourself. I’ve been here several years myself. Best photo blog I’ve ever tried

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Thank you Popparatzee