Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Berckmans Peter) #428

Hey welcome on the blog. Almost sure you gonna enjoy it.

(Russell Smith) #429

Welcome to the blog :slight_smile:

(Tawanna Cullen) #430

Hello Everyone!
I’m Tawanna. I love photography but I don’t call my self an official photographer. I’ve done a photo shoot or two but I do it as a hobby. I am amazed and inspired by beautiful photography. I have always loved photos. I remember one of my favorite things to do as a child is to look at old photos of our family. My favorite place in my grand mother’s house is the den where she has all the photos. In my earlier college days I took a course about the history of photography and it was one of my favorites by far, well the black and white photography course was a favorite too. I majored in graphic design.
Now, I still love looking at photos and love taking them. I’m a mother of 5 kids and I spend my days with them as my main focus, as well as getting my Masters in Education. I love to photoblog and I’ve used Instagram to photoblog a lot. I’ve not been diligent in keeping up with my photoblog here because most days responsibility and those who depend on me take focus, however, I’m going to work on changing that. Thanks for listening. I do have a website that’s also half maintained… see a theme of others come first?


(Berckmans Peter) #431

Welcome Tawana. You can look a lot of photos here and join in. Your completly free to post or not. Enjoy it

(Tawanna Cullen) #432

Thanks for the welcome! I’m sure I will enjoy it. There are a lot of beautiful photos here.

(Kenny H) #433

Have a look around. Enjoy yourself!

(Christopher Kowalewski) #434

Stumbled onto PhotoBlog by accident and signed up ASAP.
Great to be a part of a human-size community where I can discover great photos and share my shots and what I think without the fear of not gaining likes or follows.
As we’re all in one phase of our long, fun trip in photography, I’m currently enjoying blur & bokeh with an ever-growing infatuation for Lensbaby optics and other manual lenses with cool background effects.
Looking forward to discovering all the great accounts PhotoBlog has to offer!

(Berckmans Peter) #435

Welcome Christopher to the blog. It is a good place to be where likes are not on the first place. It is a community. Enjoy it.

(Kenny H) #436

Welcome! Take a look around, and have fun!

(Chandraasekar Kesana) #437

Hello Every one,
Greetings of the day.

I am Venkata chandra sekhar.kesana, I am Masters student from University of Ottawa, Canada. I am very glad to meet you all. I love photography and Paintings. I am an Indian by birth.

(Yashil Dreepaul) #438

Hello Venkata,

Welcome to the community! Have fun! :slight_smile:

(Kenny H) #439

Welcome to Photoblog! Enjoy Yourself.

(Lang) #440

Hi, I’m the moderator of a new language learning website which is created and run by volunteers. I’m not a photographer but a photograph lover. We created the new type of language learning site after inspired by the power of photograph. We want to try more “image teaching” than “text teaching” .
I want to know if I am allowed to post the photos I find here to help students.

(Brian Scott) #441

Good morning all, on a very wet n windy day in South Wales, UK. I’m originally a Scotsman but I’ve lived and work all over the UK and travelled a little around our little blue globe. At some point I noticed that I liked photography and so began that journey, more gear, better lenses, another camera …
I’ve never called myself a photographer and in fact, I detest the modern trend of people calling themselves a photographer or adding photography after the name, just because they own a camera when clearly, they’re not. That practice must be ruining things for real photographers?
Grump over :smile:
I love, walking, exploring, looking and noticing and, fairly recently, wanted to add a back story to my images so, here I am, at last. I site where I can tell a tale, share a location and thus far (three days) I’m loving.
I’m looking forward to finding more of you, your work, locations, likes and dislikes. I carry a decent? phone, bought specifically for photos in mind so, I’ll be adding some from that as I drift around our lovely country.
See you all soon

(Kenny H) #442

Welcome to Photoblog! Have fun!

(Mihir Gadhvi) #443

Hello everyone,
I’m Mihir here from India, I like to create lightroom presets and love photography. I have created this app which imports presets directly into the lightroom and I’m giving presets for free app is available on the play store know as presetly presets

(Homemaker Homemaker) #444

Hi My Name is Arun Kumar and I am employee of Param Homes. Param Homes Leading a Real Estate Agency in Noida.

(Ant Hunny) #445

Hello @admin, I am Ant Hunny. I have been doing photography for 20+ years and over the last 10 have really delved into portraits, animal photography, and learning manual on my camera. I watch all kinds of videos trying to learn as much as I can.

I’ve really enjoyed being able to post some of my photos and seeing the likes and compliments from other users.

I am not able to be on as much as I’d like too, but hope to get out and get some new photographs in the next few days.

(Ant Hunny) #446

Hello @Emily! I am Ant Hunny!
I too love photography and with the exception of going to work, take my camera almost every where. I love animal portraits, doing portraits of the family, and have shot at a few weddings. It’s awesome to come home after shooting and download my photos to look at all of them! It’s like Christmas for me!

(Berckmans Peter) #447

Welcome to the blog, sure you gonna enjoy it