Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Ann) #448

Hi everyone, I’m Ann and I love photography. I’ve delved into many different categories of photography but found a perfect fit in abstract and nature photography.

I am very excited to start sharing my photos with you.

(Berckmans Peter) #449

Welcome Ann, you gonna like it here. Have fun .

(Chuck Staruch) #450


I just discovered the PhotoBlog community and I wanted to say hello.
You can say I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer that has a lot to learn concerning digital photography.
Photography is a wonderful outlet for me and I just wish I pursued this passion at a younger age. Oh well better late than never right?
I live in the beautiful state of Arizona and am retired enjoying the extra time on my hands doing what I love!

(Yashil Dreepaul) #451

Welcome Chuck! Have a great time.

(Berckmans Peter) #452

Never to old to learn. Have fun here.

(Craig Casterline) #453

Hi, all. I’m happy to have discovered this blogging site. I’ve been looking for an alternative to Instagram which also provided a community to share and dialogue in. After a few days of trying it out, I am really enjoying the experience especially the ability to tell the story behind the photos.

I am also happy with the family-friendly atmosphere of the blog. Thanks for providing a wonderful forum for sharing.

(Berckmans Peter) #454

Welcome Craig, it is a good place to hang out

(Alexis Plunder) #455

Hi everyone, @canonchuck@scoz
I am not really new anymore since it’s my second year on photoblog but apparently I’ve missed that part of the website :slight_smile: I came to photoblog as a flickr alternative.

I’am a happy geologist that loves to travel and take pictures of what I see.

I live in France, more or less right in the middle (Orléans)


(Berckmans Peter) #456

Welcome, better late than never.

(Chuck Staruch) #457

Welcome! Former Flickr myself. I like PB so much more!

(Chuck Staruch) #458

Welcome Craig,

I really enjoy what you share here on PhotoBlog. Look forward to seeing more of your images.