Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Ann) #448

Hi everyone, I’m Ann and I love photography. I’ve delved into many different categories of photography but found a perfect fit in abstract and nature photography.

I am very excited to start sharing my photos with you.

(Berckmans Peter) #449

Welcome Ann, you gonna like it here. Have fun .

(Chuck Staruch) #450


I just discovered the PhotoBlog community and I wanted to say hello.
You can say I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer that has a lot to learn concerning digital photography.
Photography is a wonderful outlet for me and I just wish I pursued this passion at a younger age. Oh well better late than never right?
I live in the beautiful state of Arizona and am retired enjoying the extra time on my hands doing what I love!

(Yashil Dreepaul) #451

Welcome Chuck! Have a great time.

(Berckmans Peter) #452

Never to old to learn. Have fun here.

(Craig Casterline) #453

Hi, all. I’m happy to have discovered this blogging site. I’ve been looking for an alternative to Instagram which also provided a community to share and dialogue in. After a few days of trying it out, I am really enjoying the experience especially the ability to tell the story behind the photos.

I am also happy with the family-friendly atmosphere of the blog. Thanks for providing a wonderful forum for sharing.

(Berckmans Peter) #454

Welcome Craig, it is a good place to hang out

(Alexis Plunder) #455

Hi everyone, @canonchuck@scoz
I am not really new anymore since it’s my second year on photoblog but apparently I’ve missed that part of the website :slight_smile: I came to photoblog as a flickr alternative.

I’am a happy geologist that loves to travel and take pictures of what I see.

I live in France, more or less right in the middle (Orléans)


(Berckmans Peter) #456

Welcome, better late than never.

(Chuck Staruch) #457

Welcome! Former Flickr myself. I like PB so much more!

(Chuck Staruch) #458

Welcome Craig,

I really enjoy what you share here on PhotoBlog. Look forward to seeing more of your images.

(Mukesh Choudhary) #459

Hello Everyone, I am also New In this forum, happy to Join us.

I am working as Graphic’s Designer at Evopry Private Limited.

(Stina Rutgerson) #460

Hi everyone!

I just joined photoblog and I’m excited to get inspiration from all of you :grinning:

I`m from Sweden and moved to the Italian alps for 2 years ago. I love the nature and life here, and I’m happy to be able to share my pictures on a website like this :slight_smile:

Tack care!

(Berckmans Peter) #461

Welcome, enjoy your trip here

(Berckmans Peter) #462

Welcome Stina, love to see your work

(Kajeet) #463

hello guys,
I’m new here …it’s really cool to see your great clicks here… i’m working on blog called
menspro.wordpress dot com please visit and let me know how it is. thank you

(Sabine Phb) #464

Hi, I’m Sabine, a Flickr refugee.
I’ll post short photoblogs and will read and view yours. This seems like a place for people that simply love photographs.
Hope to see yours soon.

(Berckmans Peter) #465

Welcome Sabine, nice to have you. And yes we all love photography here

(Craig Casterline) #466

Yes, welcome to the community.

(Yashil Dreepaul) #467

Welcome onboard! :slight_smile: