Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Ram Ya) #85

Welcome to PB, Renee! Colorado is a really nice place to be calling home, especially when you are a photographer. I look forward to seeing your beautiful stories here!

(Ram Ya) #86

This and every word in your post makes you a photographer! Welcome to PB, Mariel! I hope to see and read your journeys through your blog.

Loved reading your beach sunset photos, Mario. All of them added to my favorites now!

(Ram Ya) #87

Hello Alia, Welcome to PhotoBlog!
I noticed you haven’t created a post yet. Did you have any issues with creating a post?

(Ram Ya) #88

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. Yes, I think getting proper feedback and critique is essential to improving our skills. People generally want to be nice but part of the problem is that some sites don’t have proper guidelines when it comes to giving and receiving such feedback. So these interactions end up being online brawls!

We have a photo critique section here in the forum. @tiffany2 and I have attempted to write initial guidelines on how to give and receive proper critique.

Please take a look and let me know if we can improve it. In general, I would really love to hear ideas about how we can get more members to participate in this critique subforum and extend similar comments/feedback style to our platform (blogs) as well.

Thanks again and Happy New Year to you!

(Maura Elko) #89

Hi all,

I’m new here, too, just got my photoblog up and running finally after a bit of a rocky start(couldn’t make a post as I detailed here: Uploading issues), but after getting the pro upgrade–thanks for that! It’s all working good now it seems :slight_smile:

I also still don’t know how to get my profile pic here on the community site, if someone can reply and help me and this other guy out that’d be great: Three issues from a new user

Anyway, aside from those things, Photoblog seems like a great community and wonderful site! I’m excited to be here! I got my own hosted website to make a photo/travel blog back in August, and just found photoblog and now I’m questioning whether or not I still need my site–do any of you have and use both?

(Rich Myers) #90

Hi - Rich from Reading, PA. I’m an amateur photographer - learning as I go with my camera and Lightroom. I have a few posts out on the blog. I’m going to try to take up @girafferacing 's challenge to take a picture everyday in 2017. I’ve actually started a few days early. I might not get them posted everyday, but I;l do my best.

The photos I’ve seen are beautiful and the articles have been informative. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from this community!!!

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Hello Maura, Welcome to the PhotoBlog community. Sorry about the issues with your forum avatar. It is supposed to grab the profile pic automatically from your blog. I suspect this automatic system broke because you may have joined the forum before you added a profile pic to the blog.

Do you remember joining the forum before you upload a profile pic to https://www.photoblog.com/sylvanmist/?
We will start debugging this issue now.

(Ram Ya) #92

Welcome to PhotoBlog, Rich. I wish you all the best in your 365 photo challenge. :slight_smile:

(Gilbert Laroda) #93

Hi there there every one have a nice day

(Ben Mckechnie) #94

Hello to everyone I’ve tagged below. A big warm welcome to PhotoBlog!

I’ll introduce myself again since it’s been so long. My name’s Ben and I’m PhotoBlog’s Community Manager. I’m 31 years old and from the UK. I love traveling, photography, hiking, long distance train journeys (4 nights on a train, anyone?), street food, and learning languages. In the past, I’ve lived in South Korea (4 years), Japan (1 year), and in China, Spain, and Italy (6 months each).

Message me anytime to say hi, chat, or ask questions. I took over the running of Weekly Themes from our editor Tiffany 3 weeks ago. Check out our current weekly theme and get involved! I think it’s possible to learn a huge amount here at PhotoBlog by participating in these, reading the articles in our Learn section, being active in the forums, and interacting with other members.

Have a great New Year’s Eve!


@mollybphotography @jb1618 @arlan @fujipops @calethia @mrlphotoz @alialorean @herrfledermaus @mario2 @wendydarling @renee @andrewbedwin @sylvanmist @richmyers @gilbertlaroda

(Loren Knoppi) #95

Greetings! My name is Loren and I just found PhotoBlog and wanted to give it a go. I started really taking photos just slightly over a year ago, mainly as a way to share life out here in the NW (Washington State) with my Father at home (Florida). Then, it turned into a way to enjoy my love of photography and learn how to take better photos… then that lead into my hobby of making greeting cards with my photos… and then that turned into making Lorelites (my own items) with my photos to give as gifts and possibly sell. So here I am!

I have my own site to share my photos with my Father and others, but I wanted to expand and do a 52 Week photo challenge and then also decided to do a 365 Day photo challenge and needed someplace to put all of that. I also wanted to see what others are doing, learn from others, and get feedback on photos to expand my knowledge and growth.

My only issue, and not really an issue, just my heart feeling heavy… my beloved Canon camera has to go in for repairs, so I will not be using it or my favorite lens to being the challenges. I will be using my husband’s Nikon - which I have never touched - to begin the challenges… but, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow!

I am looking forward to meeting, conversing with and learning from everyone. Have a wonderful day and may great opportunities for catching a great shot present itself to you!

(Maura Elko) #96

.[quote=“canon6d, post:91, topic:8”]
Do you remember joining the forum before you upload a profile pic to https://www.photoblog.com/sylvanmist/? We will start debugging this issue now.

Yes I did join the forum before I uploaded a profile pic

(Barb Swanner) #97

Hi and thank you for welcoming me to this community. I have loved taking photographs for years, my goal is to now take and edit a good photograph everyday that represents a moment in time. I have gotten out of the habit of carrying my camera everywhere, but intent to start again. This photograph was taken in the city yesterday. Not the look I’m going for but it does capture the moment.

(Mel) #98

Hello I’m Mel from Turkey. I study law but i’ve always had a thing for photography and it is my first day using this blog. I would like to free my spirit by taking photos. I want to learn how to be a proper photographer. Thank you for caring and reading. Wish you a very good holiday :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #99

@catspawspec Welcome to, PhotoBlog! I loved your first story and hope to see more. PhotoBlog is a community full of wonderful people who are very supportive. We also have an educational blog (official) run by @tiffany2 at photoblog.com/learn, I hope you find it useful.
btw, what happened to your Canon?

@sylvanmist Good to see your profile pic here. :slight_smile:
We will see how we can permanently fix this. Users shouldn’t have to log out for the forum to update their profile pic.

@swanlab Welcome to PhotoBlog, Barb!
Capturing a moment is what photography is all about. I am excited to hear that you hope to edit a photo a day! Do you have an importing/editing workflow setup in LR yet?
p.s. I moved your reply here since this thread is more appropriate for intros.

(Loren Knoppi) #100

@canon6d Hi Ram! Thank you for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to this very much. In answer to your question about my poor Canon - we were out and about taking photos (I was in a grumpy mood to begin with and should have stayed home, however I went out) it was a very stormy day, and we were at a park on the beach, I inside a covered hut area and as I took my lens off to put on a new one, a gust of went blew a ton of debris into my camera body. :frowning: I used the bulb to blow most out, but some items had gotten snagged on the mirror, so as I reached in I accidentally smudged the mirror itself. Then in wiping that clear I damaged a little film piece there that I didn’t see.

The camera works fine, but when I look through my view finder, I see a lot of scratches from the film being reflected back to me. So Canon is going to look at it and fix it for me.

So my lessons here are to listen to my gut instinct and stay home when I want, do not listen to others when they suggest I try a “new” lens that was given to me (when I don’t want to) and to never never never open my camera unless I am closed in a room.

(Dave) #101

Hi everyone, I am Dave owner and creator of Daves Outdoor World Of Kayaking in Sterling, IL. I created DOW in 2012 while volunteering and promoting the Hennepin Canal in Rock Falls Il. later I also joined with the Rock River Trail Initiative to get the Rock River dedicated as a National Water Trail by the Department Of Interior. While educating the community about these multi use trails I used pictures as a important tool to get people outdoors and involved. I hardly ever post anything without a picture. I love using the technology we have today to express myself and what I love.I am a avid outdoors guy, bike rider, kayaker and Rv traveler. My wife and two dogs travel full time in our Rv between Illinois and Texas. I look forward to seeing the world through your eyes and the things you love.God Bless…

(Fernando Rodriguez) #102

Hi all - My name is Fernando, and live in northern California. I recently found out about this blog thru another photography website. Definitely caught my eye and looking forward to try and begin a daily photo blog. Though I travel constantly for a living, keeping up with the “365” project will be challenging at times; but I will try to stay focused and keep up with the task.

I began getting serious about photography about 6 years ago… and have loved every minute of the journey. As we all know, photography is a constant learning curve; so I always welcome any compliments or suggestions on how to improve.

Looking forward to meeting many of you…

(Sara-Jane Har) #103

Hello everyone!

I’m Sara-Jane from Malaysia. I’m currently a final year Mass Communication Degree student with a passion for photography.

It all started when I held my dad’s camera as a child, then exploring photography and post-processing about 8 years ago, but I only started to truly learn about it 4 years ago, thanks to a lecturer and some fellow photography-enthusiastic friends.

I stumbled upon a review on Photoblog by @girafferacing (thank you!) while I was discovering some ways to start and share my Project 365 for the new year. So… Here I am! I’m really excited and I look forward to learn some photography tips and tricks from fellow photographers, as well as making new friends on this platform as I progress with my Project 365. :blush:

(David Brennan) #104

Hi everyone, my name is David Brennan and I’m hoping to use Photoblog to record a 365 project, hoping as I’ve tried, and failed, twice. I found Photoblog while reading an article from @girafferacing

Photography started, for me at least, at a young age. When I was about 5 or 6 years old I can remember being mesmerised by the magic being performed by my Grandad when he shone a bright light at a blank piece of paper and then, for some strange reason I couldn’t understand, proceeded to soak it in water. I can still remember being amazed when after a few seconds, not only did the paper not collapse into a pile of mush, a picture started to magically appear.

It would be almost another 20 years before I took my interest far enough to learn how to do this trick myself. By then I had been taking snaps for about 10 years using a compact camera, always sending the film away to be developed. I decided to get myself a “proper” camera and taught myself the basics with some success (and a lot of failures). The first SLR I bought was a Pentax ME super. A City and Guilds photography course soon followed. Over time I upgraded my camera and lenses to the current Canon digital equipment I am currently using.

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, I’m an experienced photographer and am currently expanding my knowledge by taking a photography degree which will be finished in 2017. I enjoy creating images that tell a story and since starting my degree have found a love of photographing people.