Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Laila Skauge) #105

Hi there! I’m a Wannabe photographer and started this photoblog because I’m doing the 365 photo Project starting today :slight_smile:

(Barb Swanner) #106

I have owned LR but never really used it, my goal this year is to get up to speed with it and begin using it and less reliance on PS. My other goal is to get my photos in some sort of logical, easy to sort order. I need to start using tags better backing up efficiently.

(Loren Knoppi) #107

I have LR as well - BUT I barely use it if at all… It’s SO difficult, it doesn’t do anything I want done and I just at this point am so frustrated with it that if it was a tangible item I would throw it out the window.

I do own PaintShop Pro’s Photo Effects that is set for JUST photography and has the normal PSP (like Photoshop). And it is SO much easier to use.

However, everybody keeps going on and on and on about how GREAT LR is - ha! fumble grump! But, I attempt to learn it now and then. But, tis so darn difficult and not at all easy to do anything at all in it.

Once the year “lease” is up, then I won’t renew. It’s too expensive and just too difficult to use.

I have a couple of friends that want to show me things in it, so I’ll do that. It may change my mind… but, honestly I don’t see how it can.

(George Bremer) #108

Hi everyone!
My name is George and I’m a photoholic :wink:

Well actually I’ve been a photo hobbyist for over 20 years, and every once in a while I stumble upon a really good shot. I’ve been looking for a blog platform that’s relatively easy to use, with a fun community. I’ve used flickr for years to store my shots but it’s obviously not a blogging platform. I’ve hosted my own wordpress site for a while as well, but since I’m a software designer professionally I don’t want to be a site administrator in my free time so I stopped using it.

I’m very susceptible to GAS and have a fairly large selection of cameras now. I’m primarily a film shooter and lately I’m focused more on lo-fi techniques like pinhole cameras and expired film. I now do all of my film development at home and scan the film using an Epson V750 scanner.

(David Cardona) #109

Best wishes at first.

It´s AwEsOmE!

Thanks a lot for the willingness and support.

Have an incredible and very happy 2017 for you and yours!

Friendly and respectfully,

david cardona
cInEmA phOtOgrAphy & cOntEnts dEvElOpmEnt

(Katie R) #110

Hi everyone! I’m an architect in Brooklyn and I stumbled onto photoblog while looking for a place to start a 365 challenge. I have been dabbling for many years but dropped off a couple years ago. I’ve been picking it back up and missed it, but I’m hoping to use this excercise and community to polish my skills, as well as learn my camera better. Even if I don’t make it the whole 365, I think it will help!

(Troy Soat) #111

Hey guys!

I joined Photoblog today because I saw a wonderful link to the site’s 2017 365 challenge calendar over on Petapixel! I don’t take my photography too seriously. I started messing around with a point and shoot probably 9 or 10 years ago and bought my first entry level DSLR about 5 years ago. It probably sounds pretty silly, but In only the past year have I begun to more fully understand the beauty of controlling every aspect of the camera and started the process of building my skills with manual mode. This summer I picked up an old Canon 5D full frame DSLR body and some new glass and with no goals or objectives thought the 365 idea would be a fun challenge and paired with Photoblog, could really help to improve my compositions behind the shot and maybe my post-processing after the fact.

Thanks all!

Troy Soat

(Shahul Khalid) #112

Hello Everyone,

I am an Engineer in Dubai, and consider photography as my passion. it is my stress buster from the busy life and work cycle. I bought my first DSLR after inspired by a friend in Iran who had real passion for photography. As I travel a lot on my work, it is added bonus I get to see new places and people which gives me inspirations. Hope to post more on Photoblog which I discovered while searching in Google. There are so much inspiring photos and stories to keep me moving. Thank you for the support !

(Breanna) #113

Hi there! I’m Bre.
Years ago, I shot live music photography. Somewhere along the way I stepped away from my camera, as the industry was full of photographers wanting to just get into free shows, the paid work was low. I decided to just enjoy the show, and leave the weight at home. Now I am back, trying to relearn everything I once knew. I have no desire to shoot live music photography anymore, as I’d rather be riding the rail at a Dead and Company or String Cheese Incident show. Any music lovers in here? Anyways, hope to stick through a 365 project. I plan to upload a post once a week – with failed attempts in the past trying to upload every day just became too much. Hope to get into street photography or just anything artsy. Looking for inspiration everywhere. Happy New Year, all!


(Charlotte Mann) #114

happy new year! i look forward to your pix from the other side of my usual ny world. charlotte

(Uma Rajagopal) #115

Hi, I am Uma Rajagopal from Ridgewood ,NJ. I am a financial analyst by profession but love Photography as a hobby. Have been an avid photographer learning the ropes for the last 5 years. Own a Nikon D 800 and take pictures of nature and landscapes mostly.Completed three 365 projects so far and running on my fourth one this year. Planning to focus on taking pictures of my hometown Ridgewood and weave a story around it :slight_smile: I stumbled upon this site when I was trying to build my own Word press blog and it definitely was an amazing discovery.

(Jennifer Reed) #116

Hi, I’m Jen currently living full-time in an RV in Orlando, but moving to scenic Oregon this spring. I’ve spent the past several years consumed by IT work but the happiness photography brings is calling and I want to dedicate more time to it. I’m an amateur and, shamefully, my current camera is also a phone but, I want to invest in a Fujifilm X-T2 and some nice lenses so I can eventually take breathtaking night sky photos. For now, I can only share my camera photos and pictures from my old point and shoot.

(Jill Bahm) #117

Hi everyone! I’m new to Photoblog within the last few days and have enjoyed posting and “meeting” a few of you over at the 365-day project topic! I live in Michigan, where, sadly, it’s just gray and cold right now. Photography is a part-time gig for me - I work full time as a city planner. I shoot with a Nikon D700 and Sony a6300 (brand new and I’m enjoying it so far!). Over the past several years I have explored a variety of different types of photography - from fine art to portrait to event work. While I find the portrait and event work fun and challenging, I think my creative spirit has been neglected. I’m looking forward to being inspired by this photography community and feeding my soul a bit more this year!

(Victor Quintana) #118

Hello everyone! Victor here! I’ve always loved visual arts, although I earn a living as an engineer. But, through time I’ve narrowed down my hobbies to just a few, and photography is still king of the hill. I’ve been unsuccessful trying to keep up my own blog, so I decided to give Photoblog a shot. Since we just moved to Austin, and I work from home, it’s a bit of a challenge to squeeze time during the day to go out and explore new things. So, for starters I’m trying to keep myself active by completing a 365 challenge this 2017.
So, stay tuned and hope to share and learn from you all!

(Narelle Crozier) #119

Hi there, my name is Narelle and I am from Perth, Western Australia. Currently it is 40 degrees Celsius outside so I am inside, under the air con, creating a photoblog account. One of the facebook groups I’m on shared something from this site so here I am.

I shoot with a Pentax K5 and love to capture everything. This year I turn 40 and get long service leave from my primary school teaching job so I will be working on getting out with my camera more and documenting this extra special year.

(Laura) #120

Good Morning from Indiana! My name is Laura and I committed myself to a 365 Challenge. Apparently, my challenge started on January 2nd, since I forgot to take a photo on January 1st… :frowning:
I can honestly say that I havent done much with my camera for about 2 years. I was an avid sports photographer for many years, shooting mainly motorcycle racing. I would occasionally be asked to do family photos, weddings, etc but was never really comfortable unless my subject was going fast. After a period of burnout, I put my camera down and sold just about all of my equipment. I have my “kit” lenses still, but rarely use anything other than my 35mm.
My hope for this challenge (and this community!) is to find my mojo again. Photography was my passion and I need to get that back. And on those off moments when someone asks for a photo session, I need to be able to manipulate my camera settings again! My how skills fly away when you dont use them!
Looking forward to learning from everyone!

(Shah) #121

Hello and a happy new year to everyone here. I just picked up photography after getting a new camera (Canon 760D) and am loving it a lot. I’ve handled normal point and shoot for work (I work in PR and usually snap amateur photos at events for our company keepsake) and have always tried to push limits with what i can do in Manual mode but owning a DSLR opened up new doors!

I hope to be able to get better with this art form as days go by. I’ve brought my camera to work everywhere i go now just in case i need to snap! Here’s to 2017!

A bit about me, I am 32 years living in the little red dot, Singapore (It’s not anywhere near China). I work in PR and play the saxophone in a local band to liven up my life a little. And with my new photography hobby, i hope that this will add more sizzle! I won’t be doing the 365 days but I will strive to do a shot of the weekly theme once every week!

I’m looking forward to learn more from members here and take inspiration from everyone!

(Ram Ya) #122

Hi @gbremer, Thanks for joining and contributing to the community. We are lucky to have a veteran photographer and a software designer :slight_smile: I am curious, what languages do you use for developing?

I had GAS before but now I am happy with the system I have. Besides, I tend to carry everything that I have so it helps to have just one setup.

@davidcardona I have seen so many of your blog posts, Nice to see you in the community as well. :slight_smile:

@tsoat Welcome to the community, Troy. Looking forward to seeing your 365! I also remember buying my first DSLR and using just the auto mode for several years. It took me several failed photos and some laughs from friends to dive into manual modes. Please feel free to start discussions around challenges you encounter in your process.

@shahulkhalid Shahul, loved seeing your travel shots. You are lucky to be traveling to so many countries as part of your work. Hoping to see many places through your lens.

@breannanoel Breanna, Welcome to the community! What type of Music? I love the 80s–I know, this is a sad year. :cry: I think @tiffany2 has done some music photography for bands. She is a really cool gal who runs our official blog. I thought I would let you know. :slight_smile:

(Dorita) #123

I’m Dorita and I’m excited about becoming part of the PhotoBlog Community. I have always enjoyed photography, but have recently become serious about broadening and deepening my photography skills. I love the way photography forces you to look at things from a different perspective, with different eyes. I think that translates into life. As we learn to look at circumstances from a different perspective we are often surprised at what we discover.

(Lyrical Photos) #124

Hi Ram

Relatively new to this whole thing so I am not quite sure how the whole community posting works.

If you can give me any tips or simple instructions that would be great!

Looking forward to it!

J + S