Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Eric Tidmore) #125

Hello @canon6d!

My name is Eric, I’m a photography enthusiast out in San Diego California.
I recently discovered Photoblog via Reddit’s photography sub this week; I immediately fell in love with the platform and its’ #Photoblog365 project after joining!

I currently shoot on a Fujifilm’s X-T1, X-E2 and X100s and with the 23mm 1.4, 14mm 2.8 and 27mm pancake.
Main interests are: Street, portrait & neon signs.

You can find my photo blog at ericdeanphotography
Wishing everyone an amazing year, looking forward to meeting a bunch of you guys.


(Justyna Pater) #126

Hi Everybody,
I just joined to Photo Blog and looking around, at the begining that you for nice Welcome @canon6d and greetings to @dorita I believe you are new here as well.
I live and work in Kraków, phothograpy is my passion and fillfull my life. I am truly in love with nature and simple flowers, clouds are for me just amazing. I am traveling a little and always with camera, and when there is good weather and possibilities I am visiting beautiful mountains Tatras in the south of Poland.

It it the begining of New Year so I wish you all the best and lots of power to make your wishes come true…



(Lucas Westcoat) #127

Hello Everyone!

My name is Lucas and I live in Seattle a.k.a. the jewel of the Pacific Northwest. I’m all about experimenting with the mood of photos. Angles, proximity, tones and color grades, etc. I want my photos to convey a feeling. I admire photographers that do this well. I’ve been taking photos for roughly 15 years and used to blog regularly. I think the reason I stopped was because it lacked the kind of community I see here. This is great and since joining a few days ago, I’ve already posted twice and I’ve seen more response than I did the entire time I was blogging previously. Love that.

When I’m not taking pictures or blogging about them, I’m working for a major tech company where I get paid to explore the intersection of tech and creativity (sweet gig), and outside of work I enjoy time with my wife and one year old son.

My dream place or thing to photograph would be a major music festival or cultural event. Coachella, Lollapalooza, Governor’s Ball, or Burning Man. Bonus points if I get to do that before I’m too old to blend in with the crowd.

(Camellia) #128

Hello all! My name is Camellia and I really thought I had posted/introduced myself to the community several days ago when I joined the PhotoBlog, but apparently I must have posted my message somewhere…out there… :slight_smile:
This is my first time doing any type of a blog so I am still learning the ropes. I have been photographing for about a year and love it. I am hoping that through the help of this community and through participation in the 365 challenge I become a better photographer. It is definitely nice to be here :slight_smile:

(George Bremer) #129

@canon6d I’m primarily a java developer for the past 15 years, though I’ve done many things in the past.

As for GAS, I’ll just say that my wife bought me a display case a few years ago…

(Jennifer Venter) #130

Hi there ! My name is Jennifer currently based in Cape Town (RSA). I started my blog in 2012 when I was working fulltime as a corporate Personal Assistant and then evenings & weekends as a photographer. I have been a full time professional photographer and business owner of Fleetingtime Photography (Pty) Ltd since 2015. Since converting to a full time photographer, my time has become limited in terms of just taking pictures when out and about. My fun photography now seems to be limited to when my Hubbie and I travel overseas with our goal to move overseas to the USA. Hope to welcome you to my Fleetingtime photoblog and touch base. Have a beautiful 2017 !!!

(Ram Ya) #131

@davesoutdoorworld great to hear that you are using photography to drive social awareness. We hope PhotoBlog will become a platform for such voices.

@fxxrodriguez Hello Fernando, looking forward to seeing your 365 as well as your other photo stories. Welcome.

@sjchwy Sarah, I am glad you read the article from Helen. I can’t wait to see your photo stories.

@davieb Loved reading your story how you got introduced to photography! Looking forward to seeing your experience and knowledge being shared in this community.

@laila I love your blog’s cover photo https://www.photoblog.com/laila/ where was that taken?

(Gene Mcdaniel) #132

Hello, everyone. I’m Gene from Florida. I’m a software developer who tries to squeeze in as much time for photography as possible. I’ve been posting here for a couple of weeks now, and will be trying to complete a 365 project for 2017. Looking forward to seeing your blogs!

(Joonas Lappeteläinen) #133

Hello, all you photographers amateurs and pros :slight_smile:. I’m Joonas from Finland (english not my best skill, i will try my best :sweat_smile:) I had been shot photos mostly for fun and to let out my steams to relax. And mostly i use my phone LG g4, thats why i started now this blog to show that smartphones can be a tool to take good photos and enjoying life of photography. My site https://www.photoblog.com/joonasl/.

Thank you all and have a wonderfull year 2017!

(Marybeth Dixon) #134

Hi all! My name is Marybeth from Massachusetts. My interest in photography started in college many, many years ago. I did not keep up with it but started again recently. It started with taking lots of pictures with my iPhone and then i got a Nikon D3300 last year - and now I am really hooked! I love landscape in particular but try all types. I have been trying a lot in manual mode lately and invested in a tripod recently with hopes of getting good waterfall pictures (mixed results). I came across PhotoBlog via a FB post about the 365 challenge. Realizing that might be a bit ambitious for me, so I might try something weekly. I am looking forward to learning from you all and hoping to get some constructive criticism on my work.

(Hayley Lehmann) #135

Hello Marybeth & Everyone Here
I am a professional photographer from London with a passion for old folk.
I have been too busy over the years earning a living so have rarely participated in competitions nor entered my work to groups for critiques. Eventually I have found that I didnt pick up my camera for fun any more either, so that is what I hope to do here in the PhotoBlog community. However the blogs that I will be creating also have a serious message too regarding our social care crisis and the loss of respect for our elderly.
Be gentle with me please!
Take care

(Maura Elko) #136

There are some alternatives to LightRoom, like Zoner Photostudio which I used for years. I still have it but I didn’t get the newest upgrade because they changed to a subscription based model :confused: But, what they have over Lightroom that I really like, is you don’t have to make any stupid catalogs and import photos and synchronize your folders! You just work from your own folders on your computer, and it does all the same effects and development adjustments. So you might want to check them out.

On1Photo is another to try out, although I’ve found it overall a bit slower and clunkier than Zoner & Lightroom. Corel has their own RAW photo program too.

(Jonathan Baldwin) #137

Hello all,
I’m Jon, I live 50mi NE of Atlanta, and I’m really nothing more than a “hobby” photographer.
Recently laid off I find I suddenly have more time than expected for my hobbies. A friend on FaceBook sent me a link to the 365 Photo Challenge so I checked out the site and here I am. Making time to hit all 365 days is a bit ambitious but it looks like fun and I’ll do what I can. I like to stretch intended meanings sometimes and intend to do that in the challenge (ie “Blue” is more than just a color).

Looking forward to seeing others posts, getting ideas, and learning how to be a better photographer.

For anyone curious, my main “online” repository of photos is here: JBaldwin SmugMug.


(Elaine Fernandez) #138

Hello everyone,
I’m Elaine, I first started off with taking photos as just a hobby didn’t really think much of it since it was just from my phone with some major editing. Then a few months later I purchased a Cannon Rebal Xti and a few extra lens and that is when I never put my camera down. portraits are my favorite and also landscape as well. I follow a few photography group pages on facebook and majority suggested photoblog and here I am and I cant wait to explore and learn from everyone. <3

(Ram Ya) #139

@gottaloveridgewood welcome, you live in a beautiful area and I can’t wait to see it through your lens.

@jennifennibenni no shame in capturing the world around you with a smart phone :slight_smile: What field in IT you were working on? This must be quite a change, I envy you!

@joyoflifephoto Looking forward to you awakening your creative spirit here. Do you have any suggestions as to how we can improve discovery of inspirational content here on PhotoBlog? Are you satisfied with the feeds presented in “Browse” feed? I am always looking for improvement ideas.

@victorq Welcome to PB, Victor. How is your 365 going?

@narelle Great to have some summer photos when we are under few inches of snow!

(Igor Canak) #140

I’m Igor, from Osijek (Croatia), and I’m hobby/amater “photographer”…
I have Canon 60d and few lenses, can’t do 365 photo challenge but I’ll try weekly post at least one photo… possibly following Weekly Theme.

(K) #141

Hello Everyone!
I love taking pictures and finally got to have a blog.
Someday I will able to have my own DSLR Camera, for now Im using Canon IXUS and mobile.
I hope to check everyone collection of photos and be inspired.
So Welcome to my fellow new member @elainex33

(Ian Mcgregor) #142

Hi everyone!

I am brand new to Photoblog (signed up yesterday). I can’t remember exactly how I found this community but it was through a Google search for something unrelated.

I am a professional photographer in Saskatchewan, Canada. I am looking forward to networking and seeing what the service has to offer.



(Ashley Howard) #143

Hello, fellow photographers!
I am new to photography. I picked up a camera only two or three years ago. I’ve always enjoyed shooting as a hobby, and it grew on me over the years. I would love to get some feedback on my work. Please feel free to visit my blog! I don’t consider myself a professional, I just love it!
===Thanks! =====

(Greg Ramon) #144

Hey everyone!

I’m Greg and I’m really excited to be on here. Photography and adventure are my primary areas of interest and it’s great to be surrounded by a community with the same wavelength. If only the skill in photography caught up with the interest, life would be perfect haha!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s stories and meeting new people!