Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Emmanuel) #145

Hey there!
I am Emmanuel, photographer based in México, mostly i do weddings and portraiture, also i love nature, landscape, food photography, i used to be a graffiti writer when i was younger, i thing photography was the way to replace the need to express my self on walls, i still miss it but for now i’m ok with photoshoots.

I am very bad writing, please don’t be so harsh, this is my first time writing a blog, so if you guys have some tips for me, i will apreciate it, as i will try to help with my knowledge . I hope i make friends here, idk what else to say, feel free to ask anything.
if you want to see some of my art visit my instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/emmanuelphotoartist/

(Lenoire) #146

Hello and nice to meet you on this platform.
I am just starting today with this blog and I hope to share great photos!

(Nikki Lee) #147

Hello, my name is Nikki. I haven’t been on here in a couple of years and WOW the new look of the website is amazing! I can’t wait to see what kind of works everyone has on here. :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all.

(Kenny H) #148

Welcome back Nikki :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #149

@chanak Hi Igor, Welcome to PB! I used to own a 60D body too, a wonderful camera. :slight_smile:
@krystel Welcome, going light and always having a camera has its own benefits. Can’t wait to see what you create here.
@ianmcgregor Glad to have a fellow Canadian here! Let’s show the world how beautiful Canada really is!
@ashhoward21 Welcome to PB! Feel free to browse the /Learn section for tutorials. I am sure you will find them useful.
@gtanramon You have the chance to visit amazing places. Thanks for taking all of us with you. :slight_smile:
@cherri2012 Welcome back! Glad you like the new site, let’s make it a warm and a welcoming place for our photo stories. :slight_smile:

(Stephen Chappell) #150

Hi all! I’m new around here.I’m a hobbyist photographer in New Jersey, USA. I like to carry my camera around and find interesting places and things to photograph. And when I can’t get out, I take photos of my cats. I like to experiment with a few multiple exposure techniques: mostly HDR, but also panoramas and most recently focus stacking.

Looking forward to sharing some photos and experiences, getting ideas, and hopefully getting to be a better photographer. Thanx!

(Holly Hassall) #151

Thank you for letting me join for starters. Myself and my partner holly are a duo team of amature photographers, a mainly capture landscape and pet photography but looking to expand.
Holly is also a professional model work over 4 years experience, you may see a few of her pics pop up on here then and now but you can also see more of her work on her website and portfolio. She is also available to book for 1-2-1 work, but other then that we are both excited about getting started into our photography experience.

Any critique on our work is welcome a dont bite lol… have a good night everyonr

(Rhian Airey) #152

Hello I’m Rhian from the U.K

I am new to the world of photography and just trying to take pictures at any moment to pick up some new skills. My first shot at taking some decent pics was on my recent holiday to Cambodia.

Just looking through some blogs, wow the pictures are stunning! I’m looking forward to seeing more and sharing more pictures :smile:

Thank you

(Kenny H) #153

Welcome to Photoblog :slight_smile:

(Moriael Campos) #154

Hello photographers! I’m Moriael Bandeira, a brazilian aspirant photographer. I don’t have a fixed style, and i take photo of everything, portrait, landscapes, sports and street. My desire is to work as a photographer and videomaker. I here to learn and show my photos.

(Kenny H) #155

Sounds good!
Can’t wait to see your work.

(Lucas Dziegel) #156

Hello Everyone! :smile:

My name is Lucas and this is my short introduction :slight_smile: I’m a little bit over 30 years old and photography is one of my passions. I’m from Warsaw in Poland so most of my photos will be from my own country. I like to travel so there should be occasions to take some photos from different places,

I’m totally amateur but I love to learn about photography. Ready to learn new skills and techniques and of course to share my work with you :slight_smile:

Hope that you will find something interesting in my photos :wink:

I also need to work more with my english skills, so please forgive me my mistakes :slight_smile:

(Shimna M) #157

Hi All :slight_smile:
Hope you are all doing great and have a great day ahead.

I am Shimna born and brought up in Kerala- India, but at the moment settled in Dubai. I have been to Dubai when I was a little kid and went backhome around 1996. And then again since July 2005 I came back to Dubai for good :grin:

I work as an Admin Executive here and I’m a newbie to this world. I wont’ dare to call myself a Photographer because I’m only a newbie and just got started. For me it’s “Click Click Click. Anything and everything that I like”

I really love to take photos of anything and everything. Recently I have been been busy with work and my family life and it seems like I need to have some me time. I used to make beads and terracotta jewelry. It’s kind of halted now due to busy schedules. The innermost me is craving for ME TIME and since I really really love taking photos of this and that, I searched for a platform and Here I am.

I look forward to learn a lot from all of you here. Thanks for such a wonderful platform :heart:

Here is my first post (this was actually posted yesterday). Sorry for the late intro. But it is still better now than never rite???

My 1st post

Shimna (Silent Gaze)

(Wesley Daniels) #158

Hi All,

I am new here and found it while reading someones blog regarding the 365 challenge. This intrigued me as I was looking for something to increase the time I spend on my photography. I like the way the calendar gives me a theme each day that pushes me to be creative and im sure I will improve from this.

I have already posted a few days of the challenge (started late) and also a post about life in China and I will be continuing with this.

I am a British guy living in Beijing, China for 7 years. I am a Quality Manager in my profession but have always had a career in photography in the back of my mind. My time in Asia has given me the opportunity to photography some beautiful scenes and I feel now maybe the time that I choose to follow this through with a blog etc

I have enjoyed how it is going so far and am keen to see how the pros do it :slight_smile:


(Richard Livings) #159

I started the challenge on my birthday in January. Have enjoyed seeing how everyone else is getting on.

I live in Manchester in the UK. I wanted to take up the 365 challenge to help me use photographs to capture everyday things and not just the big occasions.

(Ivan Steenkamp) #160

Hi @livings @wes, it’s great to have you on PB! I also started a 365 project this year. It has really helped my photography take off again. Before I started my blog my photography was suffering. Sometimes I would take photos only once a week!

I live in the beautiful country of New Zealand. I enjoy swimming, reading, keeping fish, and I love photography!
Anyway, it’s great to have along with all of us :smile:

(Michael Rafael) #161

Hello guys! My name is Michael Rafael and I live in Prague. I recently came back to Prague from Barcelona, where I spent four great years. I came across the photoblog.com exactly the same as @wes (Hello from Prague :slight_smile:) and basicaly the motivation is the same too.
I started to take photos about a year ago when I bought my first DSLR and I got completely addicted to it. Not quite sure yet which direction to go, still trying to shoot anything and exploring new things. Currently I am starting with portraits, which really attracts me, so hopefully I will soon be able to present some of them here.
I will always be very greatful for any kind of constructive criticism, advise etc,
Thanks for reading this and I wish to all of us GOOD LIGHT!

(Ben Mckechnie) #162

Hello to all new members. A big warm welcome to PhotoBlog!

I’ll introduce myself again since it’s been so long. My name’s Ben and I work here at PhotoBlog. I do things like running the Weekly Theme projects, some community management, among other tasks. I’m 31 years old and from the UK. I love traveling, photography, hiking, long distance train journeys (4 nights on a train, anyone?), street food, and learning languages. In the past, I’ve lived in South Korea (4 years), Japan (1 year), and in China, Spain, and Italy (6 months each).

I’ve just got back to England after 2 weeks traveling around Europe, a trip on which I met up with Ram @canon6d in Gdansk, Poland!

Message me anytime to say hi, chat, or ask questions. Check out our current weekly theme and get involved! I think it’s possible to learn a huge amount here at PhotoBlog by participating in these, reading the articles in our Learn section, being active in the forums, and interacting with other members.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Valentine’s Day


(Joe Chan) #163

Hello everyone, my name is Joe. Just joined photoblog to share my upcoming two months journey around the United States with friends and families. I intend to upload images and stories of places I visited everyday. I am doing this to celebrate my 60 years old birthday and arrived in this country for 40 years. I am doing the trip by myself on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, it is one of many items on my bucket list. I am trying to learn how to use this site now, can someone explain to me how to link my Facebook account to my blog? Will it notify my friends in Facebook once I posted something in my bog?

(Kenny H) #164

Sounds exciting. Welcome to Photoblog. Can’t wait to see your work.