Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)

(Spade Tai) #165

Hi there,

My name is SPADE, which refers to

You can call me Alex as an easy way. So, I do love traveling and photography. They are a perfect match and the things I cannot live without in my life. Most of the pictures you can see are architecture and landscape. Honestly, I do like Portrait as well but just sadly hard to find someone who wanna be a model. If you don’t mind, I’m glad to take a shot for you.

I’m living in Sydney now and I’ve been Nine countries, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Poland.

If you go to visit Russia, I can definitely give you some advices.

I treat this blog as a sharing platform to the world. I hope you like my photos coz it’s a boost for me to keep going and do better.

Hello Guys, @popparatzee and joechan18

I just get started on this blog two days ago. Photos from my trips will be posted as soon as possible.

Nice to meet you guys

(Kenny H) #166

Welcome to PB!

(Joe Heusinger) #167

Hey all! I’m Joe and I’m from New York’s Hudson Valley/Catskills region! Just getting back into photography after sort of losing touch with being creative. Focusing on finding my own style again and loving the journey. I live for adventure and the wild! Right now my focus is on outdoors and rustic/modern lifestyle. I also really enjoy portrait work and bringing someone else’s story to life!

I’m shooting on an Olympus E-M10 and love the versatility of the micro 4/3 system! I learn as I go and enjoy the ride!
Love feedback and comments, so let’s connect and chat!


(Spade Tai) #168

Hey Joe,

Welcome aboard to PhotoBlog :wink:

(Emily May) #169

Hello PhotoBlog Community!

I’m fairly new so wanted to introduce myself. Hi! I’m Emily from Denver, CO. Photography is a passion of mine but has been sitting on the back burner for the last few years. I’m finishing up my masters in Information Learning Technology this spring and taking a course called Games and Learning. Part of our coursework includes joining, observing, and participating in an affinity space. PhotoBlog seemed like a great fit and opportunity to get back into photography, grow my network, and learn from all you amazing photographers!

I’ve enjoyed learning with you all so far and look forward to more amazing photographs :slight_smile:


(Emily May) #170

Welcome Joe! Sounds like we’re in the same boat with losing touch with creativity… Hope this site helps you find your style and gets you back to doing things you love. I look forward to learning with you and seeing your work!

(Emily May) #171

Welcome @tai! Looking forward to seeing all your travels!

(Spade Tai) #172

Thank you, @emilysmayy :slight_smile:

Everything is in the process, please keep close on my blog, haha

Welcome aboard to PhotoBlog :wink:

(Wendie) #173

So excited to be back on here, I was super active in 2007 and have since fallen away from this platform in favor of instagram. However, my old photos are still archived here and I’m so amazed that this community still exists and archived all my old work here into a site I can still access. Amazing to see the transformation and also get used to the new platform. I will definitely be more active as I’ve gotten more into photography and have tons of photos from travels to share!!

Thanks for all the work to re-launch and to keep up the old profiles, truly an awesome and impressive feat.

(Spade Tai) #174

Welcome back :slight_smile:

(Daanish Farhan) #175

Hi! I’m Daanish. I’m a kid who just started in this blog. I’m really interested in photography so I joined this blog to explore others. Hope you guys to come to my blog page to see my posts! Have a good day! :grin:

(Spade Tai) #176

Hey Daanish, it’s so delighted to join this big family. Are you from Danish??? Haha :slight_smile:

Welcome to PhotoBlog :wink:

(Daanish Farhan) #177

Hehe no. I’m from Malaysia :grin: Thanks!

(Rohan Gupta) #178


I am Rohan Gupta from India. I created a small blog on this website. So I was challenged by one of my friends to click a picture daily that little bit of happiness or difference to my life and post it here. So here I am doing it. I hope I get some advice from people here on the same



(Ram Ya) #179

@jheuy Welcome to, PB! Was just reading your Micro 4/3 discussion and wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience here. Looking forward to your future posts both in this forum and at your blog

@emilysmayy Glad to have a social media expert among us! I looked up affinity space and it sounds a lot like what we are trying to do

An affinity space is a place. According to James Paul Gee, affinity spaces are locations where groups of people are drawn together because of a shared, strong interest or engagement in a common activity. Often but not always occurring online, affinity spaces encourage the sharing of knowledge or participation in a specific area, and informal learning is a common outcome.”

Interested in hearing your input about ways we can improve this community. Thanks for keeping in touch via email as well. :slight_smile:

@wendiev Welcome back, Wendie! Glad you liked the platform and seeing your old photos again! I should probably send an email to all past user to inform them of the relaunch. I am sure many of them would love seeing their old photo blogs.

@dfs Welcome to PB, Daanish! I am following your blog now. We also have a lot of resources on our official blog. Please take a look and share your knowledge with us as you grow as a photographer.

@rohangupta Welcome to PB, Rohan! I look forward to continuing our discussions about the community and PB features.
Your latest post is very moving. One of my hope for PB is that it will become a platform for shedding light on social causes all over the world. Photography can certainly make an impact and move people to take action.


(Hamish Maccuish) #180

Hello Photo blog world.

My name is Hamish.
I decided at 35 I wanted to pick up on an old interest in photography and reconnect with my creative side.
I’m new to photoblog; and blogging. So it’s been great getting started with a platform that’s so easy to get going with.
I live in Scotland and I’m taking every chance I get to try out and learn new things in photography.
Looking forward to making some friends! :+1:

(Caroline Hooper) #181

Hi my name is Caroline :relaxed:ile:
I have been taking part in the Photoblog365 challenge since early January, but only just got round to uploading my imagines onto my blog-site.

I am an amateur but keen “student" of photography. My journey began when I joined the 100HappyDay Challenge in 2014 using my little compact camera. I was hooked, my eyes were opened to the wonderful world around me. I purchased my first, second hand DSLR & took a couple of photography short courses last year. When I caught sight of Photoblog365, I just couldn’t resist giving it a go …

I’m really looking forward to joining the Photoblog community

(Austin Green) #182


My name is Austin Green. I’m a student studying advertising at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Photography is a big part of what leverages me in advertising and recently I’ve been getting lazy with going out and shooting. On 3/10 I decided to take on the 365 challenge and I will be posting daily to my blog!

Check it out and leave some feedback if you get the chance!

(Liis Aruvali) #183

Hi everyone!!

My name is Liis and I am fairly new to PhotoBlog. I am currently living in Vancouver, BC, Canada and myself and my partner travel as much as we can! I am originally from Estonia and my partner is Irish and we have very similar interests when it comes to fun. I have slowly started recording our last year of exploring although we really started before that, but I can always go back and put in a random blog about the time we went to Iceland, Oslo, London, NYC etc.
We have a lot of exciting plans for this year so will keep you all posted :slight_smile:
I love hiking and traveling so I get fascinated taking photos of landscapes, local cultures and people (if I can) to have a photo trail of the experience that I have had. The main purpose of setting up PhotoBlog was to keep my friends and family in the loop. It is going great so far!

Thank you for welcoming me :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #184

A warm welcome to Hamish @mydigitaleye, Caroline @hooper, Austin @green,and Liis @liis
All from beautiful corners of the world; Scotland, UK, USA, Canada!

I am looking forward to seeing the world through your lens.
Please feel to start discussions, ask questions, or share interesting things on this community.

@liis I did my high school in BC but never really got a chance to explore this beautiful province. I am looking forward to going back to explore one day.