What are some unmissable places for photography in your home country/state/province?

(Ben Mckechnie) #1

As a travel lover, I’m excited by how amazingly diverse the PhotoBlog community is. We have members the whole world over - in Canada, India, the USA, Brazil, the UK, Nigeria, Australia, Poland, Japan… the list goes on. Let’s talk about the unmissable places to take pictures in our home countries!

First, introduce some of the more well-known places to take beautiful pictures. Then introduce the community to lesser known gems. Places that only a local might know about. As many or as few as you like. I can’t wait to see your responses.

Welcome to PhotoBlog Community! Please introduce yourself :)
(Ben Mckechnie) #2

I’ll kick things off!

I’m from the UK - I have an English mother and a Scottish father - so I’ll introduce interesting places for photography in England and Scotland. I’m going to skip the capital entirely. Perhaps another member living in the city can focus their answer on London.

Shout-outs to well-known places that all photographers should have on their UK itinerary:
Stonehenge - a famous prehistoric monument and a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s mind-boggling to ponder how they moved the stones between 4 - 5000 years ago. Silhouetted shots in late evening light are fun to experiment with.
The Cotswolds - gloriously scenic region of thatch-roofed medieval villages and rolling hills. It spans 6 counties. Very photogenic.
Oxford and Cambridge - the architecture of the university colleges is wonderful. Groups of students punting on the river make for great images.
Lake District National Park - arguably the most beautiful place in England for landscape photographers.
Edinburgh - I was there last in summer 2015 and was blown away by the Gothic architecture. A very special city.

I believe these to be lesser-known gems, equally worth visiting to the iconic places above:
The Lizard - Incredible coastline at the southernmost tip of the English mainland. Everyone heads to Land’s End around the corner. Don’t. Lizard Point is much more beautiful and fewer people.
North Somerset coast - This is quite a drive, passing through Exmoor National Park. I don’t know which I’d rather be; the driver or the camera-toting passenger. Both very fun.
Durham & its Cathedral - Beautiful old city in the north of England, near Newcastle. Head to the amazing 900+ year old cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the best examples of Norman architecture anywhere. Be warned - photography is prohibited outside of regular specialist photography evenings. I should know… I was chastised by a member of the clergy there for taking pictures during the day. Best to come along on one of the designated evenings.
Isle of Mull & Isle of Skye - Beautiful, unmissable islands off the west coast of Scotland. The fishing village of Tobemory on Mull has very photogenic houses along the harbour-front, each painted a different colour. Skye has the epic Old Man of Storr - a hill featuring a rock formation so unique and iconic, it has become a kind of pilgrimage for landscape photographers who know about it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Now I’d love to hear about your country (or state/province/city). Other PhotoBlog members in the UK: please add places I missed. Please don’t feel pressured to write as much as I did.

Looking forward to reading what people come up with. :grinning:

(Grant Lawrence) #3

Hey Ben,

I am in Melbourne, AUS.

The city is great for street art. CBD, Collingwood, Fitzroy. You have to be prepared to take some side alleys for the best work. Constantly changing.

The Great Ocean Road if you are in for landscapes.

Wilsons Prom for wildlife and coastline.

Keynton, Clunes, Lawrence for gold mine era architecture and the surrounding area for disused mine sites.

The Victorian High Country (you will need to hike in) for snow, wild brumbies, wild flowers and mountains.

I am off to Malaysia for three years in December. Who knows what I will find there.


(Ben Mckechnie) #4

Hi Grant,

Thanks for being the first to respond to this topic! I really enjoyed reading and searching for the places you recommended on Google.

I haven’t made it to Australia yet, but checking out these places has whet my appetite to visit. My cousin lives in Melbourne so I should go stay with him sometime. I’m a fan of The Smith Street Band, so I’d love to catch one of their concerts while I’m there.

The Great Ocean Road would definitely be on my itinerary. I’m intrigued by the Victorian High Country. Those really aren’t the kind of landscapes commonly associated with Australia. It must be great for hiking and landscape photography. What about Tasmania – worth a trip over?

Peninsular Malaysia or Malaysian Borneo? I’ve been to Peninsular Malaysia twice. I recommend Penang for street photography and incredible food. Kuala Lumpur is interesting. I love driving out of the city and hitting the highways that cut straight through thick jungle, snaking their way up towards the highlands. Monkeys everywhere. The tropical storms are wild. Batu Caves, a Hindu mountain shrine, is a classic day trip for photographers around KL. You have a long time to explore and get to know it well.


(Grant Lawrence) #5

Tasmania is certainly worth the trip. The West Coast and Cradle Mountain is very rugged and isolated. Great for landscapes.

Smith Street, Collingwood is my fav street in Melbourne.

We will be living in KL, Bangsar South. I have never been to Malaysia. I will just get out there and explore.

We have two years so I want to get to Vietnam, Cambodia etc as well.

Look up your cousin, I am sure he needs a visitor haha.

(Ben Mckechnie) #7

Hey Paula,

Thanks for the great response! The fact you used to be a tour guide lends your recommendations extra weight. You must really know what you’re talking about.

You say a visit to a country isn’t complete without visiting the capital city. I think the reverse can be said also for when you’ve only visited a country’s capital city. I’ve only been to Zabreb, so don’t feel like I know much about Croatia at all. I really enjoyed the ‘No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain’ episode in Croatia. The coast looks not only beautiful, but the food and wine looks delicious too.

Flying to Dubrovnik and driving back along the Dalmatian coast sounds like an excellent plan. I’m particularly interested in seeing Mljet. All of the other places look stunning.

Thanks for helping to get this forum thread going. :smile: What is the number 1 country you want to visit for photography? One you haven’t been to yet.

(Paula) #8

I want to visit Iceland :smiley:

(Ben Mckechnie) #9

Great choice! How long do you think is a good amount of time to spend in Iceland?

(Antonio Gil) #10

You shouldn’t miss Iceland. One of the most incredible places I’ve ever visited. A surprise in every corner. I was there the year the volcano erupted :-))

(Antonio Gil) #12

One in my bucket list for sure.

(Antonio Gil) #14

I went in August. It was still cold but the weather was very manageable. My avatar b&w picture was taken in a volcano in Iceland. Just rent a car and go around the Island. Every waterfall is different from one another, and they are all gorgeous. There are incredible glaciers (you can take a tour in some of them as I did) , amazing landscapes and volcanos at every step of the way.

(Antonio Gil) #16

Well, Iceland is also known for being windy but if you protect yourself you can do everything. July or August are the same weather wise. I was there for about 10 days. You mustn’t miss Jökulsárlón.

(Becky Brannon) #18

Iceland is definitely on my list!!!

There are SO many great places to photograph. I have taken some wonderful one a few years back going to the Pacific Coast Highway in Oregon. It was always changing to sandy beaches to ominous cliffs. Also got some great shots in Wyoming and the Great Teton National park. The dry clear air just seemed to add a lot of crispness to the shot!

Closer to home, Charleston is a great city and around it the swamps, plantations and ocean offer many photographic opportunities.

But honestly, where isn’t a great place to go to take photos???

(Ben Mckechnie) #19

Seems like this is the best way to see the country. How much does a rental car cost per day?

(Ben Mckechnie) #20

Hey Becky, thanks for joining in the discussion. I’m not lying… Grand Teton National Park is the number 1 place in the USA that I want to visit. I know there are other more famous national parks, but there’s something about those particular mountains that speak to me. It’s a really popular place for shots in Reddit’s subreddit ‘EarthPorn’, which is how I initially found out about it.

Charleston in South Carolina? I’ve heard good things about that city. I’d certainly like to check it out as part of a bigger road trip through the states. Interesting architecture and good food.

True… true… :grin:

(Antonio Gil) #21

I went there in 2011 so I do not remember how it cost. Sorry :slight_smile:

(Antonio Gil) #23

Everything is outrageously expensive in Iceland my friend :-))

(Marilyn Grimble) #24

Bled in Slovenia has to be a fairy tale … the most romantic place I have ever visited. We lived close-by for 4 years 1994-8. Unfortunately before the digital camera’s arrival - but I still took lots of photos and was able to make several visits to Hungary, Austria, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Eastern Germany and Italy.
I am British and now live in France, only a 2 hour drive from the Swiss border.

(Ben Mckechnie) #25

Thought I’d share this picture of one of the places I mentioned people should see in Scotland. Image: The Old Man of Storr (Isle of Skye), by Shaun Barr.

(Jay Boggess) #26

Mystical landscape…
Inspirational image…