What are some unmissable places for photography in your home country/state/province?

(Ben Mckechnie) #27

Hi Marilyn - thanks for joining the discussion! You were lucky to live so close to Lake Bled for 4 years. It truly is an amazing place. Slovenia along with Croatia was actually my first solo backpacking trip back in early 2009. I loved it. What about Lake Bohinj? I went went it was frozen over in February and had the entire place to myself. Did you keep all your negatives? If so, ever thought of buying a negative scanner? Could be fun to digitise your old shots!

(Ben Mckechnie) #28

Mystical is a good word for it!

(Becky Brannon) #29

For America, Charleston is old, but to me the best places are the National parks.

(Jay Boggess) #30

Although I’ve not been to the British Isles, as yet, I’ve always had a special mystical attraction to them…May have something to do with ancestors, on both sides of my family, having been from England & Wales…I’ll make it over there before it’s too late, I’m hoping…

(Marilyn Grimble) #31

No, I didn’t keep the negatives - and yes I loved Lake Bohinj too. Piran, Ptui and we often visited Trieste at weekends. We’s ski at Rogla too. Great days - I have beautiful photograph albums so no worries

(Antonio Gil) #33

This one brings me back great memories of my visit to Isle of Skye.

(Ben Mckechnie) #35

You’ve been there… Great! I went last summer with my father. I was on
the back of his motorbike. It was fun to ride fast through beautiful
scenery, but I want to return on my own. I was desperate to get off the
bike, change into normal clothes, and hike up to the Old Man of Storr.
My dad thought this idea was ridiculous. We have very different ideas of
how to travel and experience a place!

(Antonio Gil) #36

Even so, it must have been fun to travel with your dad on the back of his motorbike. :-)) I went there in a visit I made to Scotland and I slept in one B&B near the sea. It is an amazing island.

(Kenny H) #37

Hi Every body!
While I don’t get much chance to post on the forums, I do get to drop a few street shots in when I can. By the way - thanks to everyone that has visited my page since the relaunch. and I didn’t get to respond to. I appreciate the nice comments :slight_smile:
Being from Philadelphia, Pa, everything downtown here is a historical photo op, while also being a very good location for street photography. Everyone here is so busy, they hardly notice you.

(Grant Lawrence) #38

Flew into KL yesterday for a few years.

Madras Lane Hawkers Stalls in Petaling Market is amazing.

I am still learning at this photography gig and could not do it justice but there are some great pics to be had here if you have the talent.


(Erin Fitzgibbon) #39

Okay, folks I have just gotten the opportunity to spend two weeks in Morocco in March. Any suggestions for great photographic spots. My friend is a local Moroccan and he’s got ideas but he’s not a photographer. What do you suggest?

(George Bremer) #40

Hi everyone!

I live about an hour north of New York City and there are many famous things to see around here (obviously). One that doesn’t get a lot of mention is the NY Botanical Gardens. It’s a really beautiful place, and also has the last old-growth forest in NYC.

Greenhouse Path
Afternoon Stroll
Come Into the Light

Further north, for the luxury lovers among us is the Mohonk Mountain House:
The Mohonk Mountain House
View From on High
Even if you’re not staying in the hotel, the parkland around it is beautiful in all times of the year.

Someone earlier mentioned that they wanted to visit the Grand Tetons. I highly recommend it; especially if you’re into backpacking since the views inside the range are even more impressive.
Towards Grand Teton

(George Bremer) #41

wow, great shot!
I really want to visit Scotland at some point soon. What’s the best time of year to visit?

(Liis Aruvali) #42

Hi guys,

As it is the unmissable places topic here, I’m wondering if there is someone here who either is or was in Vancouver and could point me in the right direction of getting an awesome panoramic view picture of the city. I have found savage pictures online with the mountains surrounding the city, but it seems like they were taken from higher up… any recommendations???
Thanks in advance guys!


(Andrew Bedwin) #43

Having lived and travelled to a few different places over time…

Glasgow, UK - Clydeside can be pretty good to take some photographs, particularly down by the Squinty Bridge (or Clyde Arc…). Loads of places down on the coast you can go to take some pictures, but one place that sticks out in my mind is the old disused train yard in Patna! You’ve also got Arran just a short train/ferry ride away (if travelling from Glasgow Central, book a ticket to Brodick and then your ferry ticket is included as well!)

Edinburgh, UK - Loads of different spots, but Royal Mile and Castle always a good one. I’d avoid staying overnight in the city centre as it can be bloody expensive, but a train across from Glasgow is cheap-ish.

Liverpool, UK - Home town, but Albert Dock and the waterfront is always a winner! If you’re there in September/October, then doing sunset at the Tower at the Anglican Cathedral is pretty impressive (can see all the way to Wales on a good day)!

Muscat, Oman - Grand Mosque and Muttrah Souk are pretty good locations. Loads of little fishing villages down near the Muttrah Souk as well as the large fishing market (@kimmy81818 was there recently!). If you like your astro-photography, then a desert trip in to the interior is always good and there are loads of little camp sites and what not out there. If you’re a diver and you like doing some underwater stuff, then head out to the Damaniyat islands or Fahal Island, loads of life there! If you’re more of a rust bunny, then you have the Al Munassir out in Bandar Khiran. If you do go to Muscat, then rent a car to get about as the Taxi’s aren’t metered and unless you live there and know the prices you will get ripped off massively.

Musandam, Oman - You can do multiple day dhow tours out of Khasab and the sights at night are pretty damn impressive (no light pollution of any kind). They’re more geared up towards divers, so you may get a bit bored if it’s a weeklong trip and you don’t dive and it can also be quite cold in winter.

Dubai, UAE - Marina District is always good for some light trailing or other night photography. If you fancy doing a trip up the Burj Khalifa, then book it in advance as it is much much cheaper than paying when you turn up! You can also do Creek tours using the water taxi’s, it was about 100 AED per person (about 13-15 GBP) when I did it about 5 or 6 years ago, but I had the whole water taxi to myself and we just happily bimbled up and down the creek from Dubai old town. They also have a Souk and a market, but I never really got around to going there (however this will be corrected if I ever move back!).

Salalah, Oman - Try to go down in the Khareef season, but book well in advance as the place does fill up remarkably quickly! If you do go down and you don’t live in the region, rent a car as it’s easier/cheaper than trying to take Taxi’s!

Phuket, Thailand - Loads of different things out and about, but if you’re a fan of street photography then Pattaya old street is a good place to go! I went with my family years before I owned a camera, so haven’t got any shots sadly.

Vigo, Spain - Cidad de Vigo (?) was pretty impressive from what I remember. I don’t remember that much about the place as I rarely went ashore there and the night out we had there was quite a drunken one (to be fair, Spain had just won the 2008 Euro Cup!). I do remember that you can’t get food before 2100 in most places and that not a lot of places have menu’s and the like in English.

Riga, Latvia - The Riga old city is great! I stayed in a small hotel right in the centre of the old city and then spent the next day happily wandering around exploring the place! I went for the first time in February and was up to knees in snow, so would go in Summer if I was you.

Tallinn, Estonia - Same, the old city is pretty impressive but I didn’t have my camera with me that time!

Piraeus, Greece - The port area can be quite interesting with a lot of old architecture and shops and what not.

That’s all that really comes to mind for now, I’m sure some more will come along as I think about it a bit more.

(Kc Cuenca) #44

Hi, KC from Philippines here.
If you’re into hiking, sure Mount Pulag or Mount Apo will ring the bell. But my favorite trail among the mountains here are the lesser visited trails in Kibungan in Benguet.
You may do the circuit or the traverse one to another province.

I’m new here so I don’t know if I could add photos. You may check this link to see the beauty of Kibungan.

Summit Journal: Kibungan Circuit

Oh, the landscape is really great and taking photos of the Milky Way is easy. I miss this place so much.

(Africa Nature Photography) #45

Tanzania my country is a well known photography destination and among the best in Africa, from wildlife to cultural photography. On wildlife the very best area of photography is the world renowned Serengeti National Park during the annual wildebeest migration referred to as the Great Migration, December to Mid-june in the southern serengeti plains, February to mid march is the calving season, April to mid july they move through the central serengeti and on to western serengeti, mid-july to mid october they move to northern serengeti here one can witness the incredible mara river crossing and all the risks of the wildebeest killed by the crocodiles.

(Russell Smith) #46

In the Charleston SC area one thing I would not miss is the Charleston Tea Plantation. It is the only one here in the states .

(Kenny H) #47

Philadelphia Pennsylvania…
My entire city is a treasure trove of history, arts and it’s people, ready for photo-ops.