What is the difference between a post and a story?

(Nick Ambrose) #1

What is the difference between a post and a story?

(Gary Luker) #2

I’m certainly no expert on the subject, Nick so I can only pass along what goes through my mind on “post” vs “story”. I think of “post” as the act of displaying your work online to share with others. So, one can post a photo, a recipe, a comment, etc. Whereas a “story” is a narrative that may include photos or just simply be a written description of something. I guess then, I would say, “I think I will post this story” :slight_smile:

(Nick Ambrose) #3

Hi Gary,
Thanks for your reply. I’ve noticed that with a post you have a maximum of 30 photos per post. I was trying to write a complete blog about a 5 day long weekend and had to do it as 5 separate posts. I was wondering if a ‘Story’ allows a longer post so you could do that as one post??

(Gary Luker) #4

Nick,just my opinion, as I am a fairly newbie here, but I think when I have posted photos with narratives by each one, I seem to get fewer views than when I post photos with minimal text in the caption. I may be wrong and would like to hear from others, but it seems the viewers like the photos better with minimal narrative. In other words, I think the photos are the priority and the narrative needs to be pretty basic. If that’s the case, than the photos are the story rather than the accompanying text. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

(Russell Smith) #5

I think a photo can be a story or even a series of photos can tell the story. I know for me personally I am practicing my story telling so i tend to add text to the post .