What is your favorite Lightroom preset?

(Ram Ya) #1

As we all know, post processing can be an important aspect of creating your image. It helps to add your style or message. It can also help to minimize shortcomings or mistakes we all do as photographers (correcting white balance, lens corrections…etc)

While I make a lot of effort to do post processing tasks in Lightroom myself, more and more I rely on presets to do the job. They save a ton of time and expose me to new artistic styles. This month, Nancy from PhotoBlog staff has produced a really helpful list of Lightroom Presets in this article, the best thing is all 50 of them are 100% free!

I would like to know if you have a favorite preset that you use more often than others? Do you know how to install presets?

p.s. If you are new to presets, you should read this guide from PhotoBlog writer Eliliot Pelling on how to install and use presets.

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(Jay Boggess) #2

Thanks, Ram! I have made 4 or 5 presets that I keep in Lightroom to apply to my raw images. They do save a lots of time. I usually apply one of my homemade presets to a raw image and then do some fine tuning after that. The preset gets me pretty close to what I want, leaving only a little more of this or that to achieve my final vision…Cheers!