What's happening?

(Pino Pino) #21

Actually, yes - I’d love to look into that! I do like the structure of this one so would love to be able to port it over and - to maintain the structure but also to be up and running quickly… but either way, yes! If anyone has access to an admin, I’d love to talk about transferring this one to me for those reasons but in lieu of that if enough people are interested then I am ready.

(Pino Pino) #22

I just reached out to a friend about collaborating on this project - in the meantime, since we’d likely end up doing the building from the group up route, can we high-jack this thread for aspects users would like to see that don’t exist here? I wouldn’t normally ask these questions because it is kind of biting the hand that feeds us doing it here but since the admins seem to be MIA I’m doing to assume this obvious violation of protocol is ok?

(Camellia Staab) #23

In my opinion Pino, I see no problem in the highjack. I’ve spent a good part of this morning looking around for similar sites…none to be had! Why? Is a question that I can’t find an answer to. So many sites out there and yet not one has tried to replicate this one. Is there a hidden reason? The admins name is Ramesh Yahathugoda,(if you are not aware of it) At one time he resided in Canada. The last time he posted on IG was in August. Since then I have noticed that he has changed “following” to just one site and that being Photoblog…(dropped the other two which were people’s names). I was going to contact them and see if he could be reached through them, but… :frowning: I know we have had this conversation before, when you decided to leave the last time we had issues. I know this chatter here is once again opening up doors to scammers like the one we had a few weeks ago, but sadly it is the way it is for now. I am willing to give my time and any help that I possibly can if you need it :slight_smile:

(Berckmans Peter) #24

It seems we are on us own, so do what has to be done. Copy the site, improve it and steal the members. You have support from members. Sadly I do no have the skills to do this. I have some ideas to go.

(Pino Pino) #25

I’ve already started the ball rolling - definitely love the idea of some of us collaborating… as this situation demonstrates, amy site should always have more than one admin so that there is not that one point of failure locked into one person… I’ll keep you all posted amd in the loop!

(Berckmans Peter) #26

Thanks , I see the community bigger as it was

(Nancy Andrea D) #27

Very interesting, jjpino! Keep me in the loop, too!

(Gethin Thomas) #28

In case this thread should get closed down it could continue on Friends of Photoblog, on Facebook. If Photoblog members do not want to get lost if PB shuts down, join Friends on Facebook to keep in touch with developments.

(Thomas Thompson) #29

I love this platform as well, I dont think your going to be able to reach an admin, I am very sad about this. Unless you have different ways than I have been trying to get Rams attention for 2 months. He has an Instant Gram and a couple months ago he was sharing captures however he does not do that anymore but I still leave messages Thomas

(Pino Pino) #30

Okay, everyone - how do we get word out to ALLthe PhotoBlog users that we are looking to do this asap… aside from this ‘support board’ I can’t think of another way to reach everyone… ideas? I setup an email account specifically for us to communicate through in case this board goes down - [email protected] - shoot me an email to let me know how to reach you and if we can get word out for anyone interested in moving to a new platform I’m looking into and have them email so I can gauge interest and keep them updated… my thought is to setup it up as close to the photoblog platform in function and such since we are all used to and like this as a base…

(Camellia Staab) #31

JJ we have a facebook page setup for friends of photoblog

(Pino Pino) #32

Just submitted my request to join the FB group… thanks, Camellia!

(Gethin Thomas) #33

Although we can’t post photos, as far as I can tell we can still post posts without photos. What about one saying Photoblog is moving to etc. etc. I feel bad saying that on here but what else are we supposed to do?

(In Reach Of The Skies) #34

At the end of the day its in Admin’s hands to stop us jumping ship isn’t it

(Thomas Thompson) #35

Greeting David, Happy to see your still around

(Thomas Thompson) #36

I am willing to help out as needed as well, I cant really do the techie stuff , but other than that would be willng I just want an easy place to post my phtos and words like this one and not have to pay big bucks and just have fun with it

(Thomas Thompson) #37

I shot you an email Pino

(Paul G) #38

I can’t even post without photos.

(Pino Pino) #39

Me either… I was just going to do a “we are working on another site so contact me at…” post and it won’t even let me do that… I have requested to join the Facebook group - maybe we can do a post there to let folks know what we are working on?

(Amy Caldwell) #40

I also am unable to post, photos or words…