What's happening?

(Antonio Gil) #41

Hope Pino could go ahead with his project. Please keep me in the loop as I have no Facebook. I’ve already mailed him to say I support his project.

Best regards Peter

(Antonio Gil) #42

I support you Pino. You’re so welcome to solve this problem.

(Berckmans Peter) #43

I will keep you imformed my friend

(Antonio Gil) #44

Please do whatever you have to do. I 100% support you

(Antonio Gil) #45

Thank you Peter. I appreciate that

(Camellia Staab) #46

Antonio, I took the liberty of copying this information, knowing you are not on FB.


(Antonio Gil) #47

Thank you so much Camellia. I had already wrote an email to Ken Pino giving him my full support to his new endeavour. Hope he will be successful. I would hate to loose all the friends and mood that PB allowed. My email is [email protected] in case you need or want to contact me. Best regards my friend

(Camellia Staab) #48

Thanks for the reply Antonio. We will stay in touch one way or another. My email is [email protected].
Let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

(Paul G) #49

I’m not sure if you’ve looked into it, but it appears everything is hosted on Cloudfare. Wonder if they can fix the 526 certificate error. (That’s what I get if I try to go directly to a jpg file).

(Pino Pino) #50

The problem is that none of us are admins/users on the account so none of the registration/hosting/security providers would likely talk to us - they’d all tell us to contact the account holder…

(Helen Hooker) #51

I’m so sad to see this thread and wish I could do more to help. I’ve been away from PB for a while because of work pressures but I had hoped to post some of my backlog of photos soon - that seems somewhat pointless if the pictures are invisible! I agree that in the absence of any assistance from Ram it would be great to get an alternative PB going if we have the people and resources to do that. I don’t have any technical expertise but would be keen to get involved in whatever way I can. I am theoretically an admin for this forum, but that dates back to the days of the weekly theme I used to run so I can only post and approve/reject flagged posts. Like Tom I tried to contact Ram several times to make a plea for assistance but have had no response - such a shame.

(Hatsumi Suenaga Dybdahl) #52

I am not able to upload my photos since Friday yesterday.

(Lábass Endre) #53

a photoblogon elúszik életem egyik legnagyobb munkája… Budapest :frowning:

(Berckmans Peter) #54

Pb is down, check out Friends of photoblog on facebook. We are looking for an alternative

(Berckmans Peter) #55

We all love pb but I fear it is time to move on. Follow more on the Friends of photoblog fb page

(Gethin Thomas) #56

(Berckmans Peter) #57

Wr are up to 54 now I believe

(Ole Kristian Valle) #58

I am running a new 365 project on a different site that is dedicated to just that. My project is at 365project dot org

(K A Metcalfe) #59

Thank you Ole I will check it out as an alternative to photoblog as I am trying to take a picture a day. I will still be interested in a ‘new’ photoblog replacement as I have grown rather ‘attached’ to the people here!

(Ole Kristian Valle) #60

I understand the attachment to people. There are great people at 365project as well