What's next on your list?

(Deli Tlb) #1

What is the next thing you want to tick off your “to do” or “wish” list?:star_struck: For example maybe you want to master an art , working on a project, collecting saving for a special vacation to meet someone whom you haven’t met in ages?
I have started to learn ASL- American Sign Language. I was inspired to learn it last year when I was working at an event called GETEX. It’s an exhibition for educational institutions and I was one of the people representing my universty and telling other about our programs. A young man walk to our desk and I asked him what program he is looking for but i found out he is def. He tried to ask me something but I had no idea what he was saying and it just hit me! there is whole world that we are missing out on. And that was it, from that day, mastering ASL has been on top of my list! What’s on yours?

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #2

Sign Language! I write texts for exhibitions, some of this texts are the written for the Sign Language interpreters. I have so much on my to do list, that I don’t put anything else on it - at the moment … Photography and writing are my lifelines.

(Ram Ya) #3

@delloosh Wow, that seems to have moved you!

As for me, I would like to visit Nepal. I’ve always wanted to visit and maybe climb the Everest Base Camp :slight_smile:

Sigrid, how does writing manifest, are you writing something specific?

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #4

I work as a lector/corrector/proof reader :eye: :writing_hand: - my German skills are really brillant and not like my reduced English skills - and was long time a co-editor of scientific journals. I wrote most of the time articles and books with archaeological content :bone::classical_building::amphora: and many, many reviews. I’m blogging (for my own blogs and for others) for more than 15 years. At the moment I work for two different book projects (Austrain Academy of Science), in one of this projects I’m involved as an author too.

But most of the time I “translate” very complicated and elaborated scientific texts or interviews into “easy to read” for people with special needs. I give texts easy to follow structures, vocabulary …

At the beginning of this year I wrote a very easy to read texts for a TV report about inclusiv design. Very easy to read, but very complicated to do the job, because of the many technical factors like timing (on screen), length (text) and not so funny, because I had to skip lot of vastly important content. :thinking:

I’m also specialist in writing audiodescriptions (it’s different to an audioguide!) to guide blind people and people with poor eysight through museums and exhibitions. They have to be written for two speaker - most of the time an actress and an actor - with different voices. One actor is speaking the text about orientation and directions, the other actor is speaking the text about content and objects.

I was very proud to be involved in a Holocaust memorial project - Charlotte-Taitl-Haus - last year.

This year I participate in a way more funny project because, its about a freshly restored nativity scene - we call it Weihnachtskrippe - from the late 18th century. The famous christmas song “silent night” was performed right in front of this crib for the first time in 1818. The church doesn’t exist anymore but this specific nativity scene is still around and will be presented in a large museum in Upper Austria upcoming this November.

I’m not a famous author, just a someone, who is enjoying the written word - an avid reader - especially if someone else wrote the book and I can slouch on a sofa with it. :grinning:

(Anna Molly) #5

That’s awesome @delloosh that you’re learning ASL. Like when I think back to high school and learning language, ASL would’ve been great to know. I took Italian meanwhile very few on Long Island speak in Italian, but to be able to communicate with people all over using ASL, I feel would be a great thing for everyone.

Ah, as for me, I don’t really have a list because I have the bad habit of not following through on things I want to/am learning. But there’s also many factors involved especially this past year so it’s pretty difficult. I guess for now I can say, when I get my dispersement on 10/3, upgrading to Pro so I can start my photoblog is what’s next for me.
Good question for the community!

(Deli Tlb) #6

@annamography Hey there. Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: Yes I feel like there should be more encouragement towards learning ASL among hearing people. To think of it, it’s really sad that people with hearing disabilities have very tiny chance to communicate with others, and honestly, why not? it’s a very interesting language and not easy to master so hats off to those who do!

And yes I kinda get what you mean. I too have many stuff on my list that I wish to go after but most of the time i leave them half way to do other stuff. I wish you all the best for your blog and definitely looking forward to your work :wink:

(Anna Molly) #7

Exactly, I couldn’t agree more. And thank you so much, can’t wait for 10/3 so I can go pro and start my blog!