Whats your Unicorn

(Pete Fitzgetald) #1

Hey shutter bugs,
I was wondering what your Unicorn is, now by that I do not mean a Unicorn per say although that would be cool too. What I am referring to is that one thing that you would love to capture with your camera, that you have been unable to for what ever reason.
Mine would be rocket launch as close as I could get, or the pyramids and there is also my Small Person Elvis Impersonator, singing Burning Love.
So reach out and share what your Unicorn would be, or even if you captured your unicorn already share it.
Happy Snapping.

(Lisa Britton) #2

That starry night sky. To be out in the middle of nowhere and get the perfect night sky full of stars.

(Pete Fitzgetald) #3

That would be cool to do!

(Berckmans Peter) #4

A tiger in the wild is high on my list. Such a beautiful cat in the jungle, a photo of that would be the top of the world for me.

(Pete Fitzgetald) #5

Oh that would be cool to capture too

(Lisa Britton) #6

That sounds cool, I wouldn’t mind having that opportunity.

(Heike) #7

The planet earth from space! But I think, if I really would have this opportunity, I would be so overwhelmed, that I couldn’t make any photos because of the tears in my eyes… :slight_smile:

(Pete Fitzgetald) #8

Now that is an awesome unicorn! And that answer amount others why I love this group.

(Russell Smith) #9

The ability to travel for a few years and spend time (up to months) in locations. The one spot I would love to spend a year or more is the Faeroe Islands .