Where are YOU in WWW

(Jill Bahm) #21

I agree with you about FB - what about Instagram?

(Jill Bahm) #22

I’ve been so busy this past month, and it seems like every time I had a few minutes to log into PB, there was a problem. I missed everyone! I’ve found a few of you on Instagram (i am @joyoflifephoto) and may fire up the 500px account. Email is [email protected]

(Berckmans Peter) #23

I not use that,maybe have to check it out

(Ken Gordon) #24

I think this is a great idea. However is this really the only blog I use for posting photo’s…

Instagram: kengordon2001
Email: [email protected]

(Pete Fitzgetald) #25

Hey Gang, glad to be back, it will take me some time to catch up on all the hub-bub on the site.
I have a tumblr site, that I have not updated and was originally set up for my writing, and my skewed view of my world in general, if I have time to clean it up and get some stuff on there worthy of your time I will post the link, other thank that as far as my photos go this is the site I use.

(Pete Fitzgetald) #26

OK so I am updating stuff, but here as another spot you can view my world of the crazy.

Stop by and fling a fish!
this site is just random and fun, no politics or hate, just my skewed look into the world.
Pete (Fitzy)

(Camellia Staab) #27

Was wondering what happened to you and where you disappeared. Welcome back! Looking forward to reading/looking and laughing at some of your posts.

(Pete Fitzgetald) #28

Thank you my lady, been a bit bumpy but that’s why they invented helmets, duct tape and bungee cords… to keep you on the ride of life. You are very kind and I missed all of my Photoblog friends .

(Giancarlo Fosci) #29

I’m on facebook https://www.facebook.com/giancarlo.fosci
instagram @giancaf59

I greet everyoneI greet everyone


(Deli Tlb) #30

Hey all. I am active on FB but it’s a personal page not for photography . I have recently opened my photography page on insta thought :wink: https://www.instagram.com/delitagraphy/