Where can I change my Username?

(Ivan Steenkamp) #1

I know it should be really easy, but I’m new… Where can I change my Username? I’ve looked in all the settings but can’t! Thanks

Ivan :blush:

(Ram Ya) #2

Hey Ivan, Sorry for the delay in my reply.
Currently, the username change is done manually (from the admin panel). Could you please send me the desired username? You can check if it is already taken by going to photoblog.com/desired_user_name


(Ivan Steenkamp) #3

Hi Ram,
No worries, I have noticed you are quite busy!
How does changing my username affect my followers? Will they have to refollow me? If that is the case then I will stick to my current one. If not, then I would like it changed to: kiwibro . I did check if it is in use and it said that the page is unavailable. I guess that means it is not in use?
Thanks, Ram!

(Ram Ya) #4

Hi Ivan,

I have now changed your username to kiwibro. You will still have the same followers so no worries there.
The only issue is that your old URLs (perhaps shared on other social sites) will not work because changing the username change all posts URLs.

I hope you like the new URL. :slight_smile:

(Ivan Steenkamp) #5

Thank you Ram! I like it. Have a good day! :wink:

(Spade Tai) #6

Hi Ram,

Could you please change the username for me as well? Actually, when I created my account, I remember I wrote a different one. I would like to be my username as photoblog.com/spadejourney
That’s no rush.

Thank you so much, have a good day!!

(Ram Ya) #7

Just changed your username to spadejourney. Please use that to login.

(Spade Tai) #8

Thank you so much, Ram. I’m really appreciated :slight_smile:

(Robert Clayson) #9

Another username request! Signed up via FB and didn’t get an opportunity!

Could it be changed from photoblog.com/clayson to photoblog.com/robertclayson

Many Thanks


(Beth Taylor) #10

Could you also please change my user name. I wasn’t sure what i wanted my blog name to be when I created my account, and I later changed to something different. Could my new username be photoblog.com/bethsian. There’s not any rush so no worries if you are busy.
Thank you!

(Ram Ya) #11

@robertclayson username changed to clayson.
@photographyowl username changed to bethsian

Please use the new username when logging into the site as well.

(Paul Watson) #12

I’ve been trying to figure this myself - despite me having a username, it still flags me as “User16” - I did use the contact us page, but never had a reply. If you can change mine to Pekae (or pekae_uk if the former exists already), that’d be great, please!

(Yoshi Saura) #13

Hello! I’d like to change my username to Yoshisaura if possible! I’d very much appreciate it, thank you!

(Ram Ya) #14

Do you still wish to do that? I can change it manually. please let me know.

(Yoshi Saura) #15

Yes, that’d be awesome! Thank you!

(Ram Ya) #16

Just changed your username to yoshisaura please use that to login to site as well.
Your new blog is at https://www.photoblog.com/yoshisaura/ :slight_smile:

(Yoshi Saura) #17

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!