Where can I change my Username?

(Samantha Taylor) #21

Hey, I JUST created my account. I made a whoopsie in my user name. I would like it to be BlissOfPix, and not BlissOfPixs. Appreciate it alot!

(David Nurse) #22

Hi Ram, I also would like my username changed to David_Nurse please. Many thanks.

(Ram Ya) #23

Hey David, Just changed the username https://www.photoblog.com/david_nurse/

(Ram Ya) #24

Hey, sorry for the delay. Just changed to blissofpix

(Piotr Matura) #25

Hi Ram! Can I ask for change of nami, too? As I described above, from “hoody47” to “PiotrM”? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #26

Hey Piotr,

Just changed the username to photoblog.com/piotrm


(Piotr Matura) #27

Great, thank you, Ram!