Where is the photo editor

(Tinna J) #1

So i don’t really understand this blog, why it dosent seem to want to upload all images and why there isn’t any tools to strengthen colors or like a minimum to work your photos and i can’t see any about the watermark creation

I am just feeling there is so much missing here, is it just me or is it truly only allowed to load orginal image from camera gallery? Because that seems to be the only thing that works, also i feel a bit hard to control scroll and write it seems like it gets stuck.

I was really hoping this could be my platform but now i am not sure

Pls help the newbie

(Benny Law) #2

Hello Tinna, there are no built-in photo editing tools on this platform. You will have to do all your image processing outside of PhotoBlog and then upload the results to this blog. I hope you will eventually find your way around here. It helps if you create/edit your posts on a computer.

(Lee Santiva) #3

Hello Tinna and welcome to Photoblog!
You can have a watermark be added to your photos automatically by selecting My Settings. At the top you‘ll see various options, in the middle is „Watermark“.
On that screen you can choose font, size, color and position of your watermark.
You can change it frequently for example from black color to white or vice versa depending on your photo.
Hope this was helpful to you

(Tinna J) #4

Thank you, I am learning and starting to post I havnet started using my computer, I will look into the editing later if needed.

(Thomas Thompson) #5

Welcome to Photoblog

(Amy Caldwell) #6

Welcome! I hope you can work out your problems with the site–it does take a bit of getting used to, I think anyway.

(Tinna J) #7

Yes it does i am learning more and more, now i am in trouble i don’t find how to delete a post

(Tinna J) #8

I have found out I can post multi in one serie, That i think is nice,

I also found the watermark and made one but i don’t know how it goes on the photos :joy::joy::joy:

(Thomas Thompson) #9

I have not done watermarks in ages, however I will see is I can find one who does and they can assist

(Thomas Thompson) #10

Tinna Delete a photo or a whole series? You can pring the post up and towards the top to the right there is an edit button click and it will pute the series in edit, click the picture and a bar will come up and then you can do what you want with it Hope that helps

(Tinna J) #11

Thank you I, will try

(Tinna J) #12

No that didn’t work the remove doesn’t seem to work

(Tinna J) #13

Haha i found out i have watermarks on my photos now i just didn’t see it its so small :joy::joy::joy:

(Amy Caldwell) #14

To delete the entire post, you can go to manage posts-under your profile picture in the very top right of the screen. You will see a list of all your posts. On the right side is a box-when you click that then scroll down to the bottom of your list of posts and you will find a ‘delete’ button.

(Gethin Thomas) #15

You can also unpublish a post. Click on the post from my blog. Top right there is a red edit button, click this. Then at the top click publish and then choose save as draft. This has the advantage of keeping the post unpublished in the manage my posts section. You can then add to, or make changes at a later date, and republish if you want to.

(Tinna J) #16

Thank you thats a good tips

(Tinna J) #17

Thank you so, much for the help