WT#6 Depth of Field

(Berckmans Peter) #1

Thanks to everyone who joined last weeks challenge.

This weeks theme is DOF or depth of field. Try to be creative. You can upload 1 photo here. You have time untill friday 20th of august .Later entries will not count for the voting.

Voting will be also done here, just like the photo you like most and please do not vote for your own photo. I know the forum is a bit out of the way but try to visit a few times to see the new entries. If you have to resize your photo, not make it to small, I need a min from 500px to use the photo in the blog afterwards.

For anyone who has problems posting on the forum, you can send your photo to [email protected] . Than I will try to post them for you. Please include your username of pb.

A litle help to upload your photos in the forum can be found here

(Nancy Andrea D) #4

Extended family time

(Thomas Thompson) #5

(David Nurse) #6

All that’s Left.

(K A Metcalfe) #7

Pair of Pine Hawk Moths on honeysuckle

(Berckmans Peter) #8

love to use shallow depth in streetphotography

(In Reach Of The Skies) #9

(Gethin Thomas) #10

Mushroom Beach, Surf’s Up

(Amy Caldwell) #11

Beach walk in winter. This couple was kind enough to pose for me…

(Hem Bhandari) #12

No sharing with friends, fly away

(Berckmans Peter) #13

This is the entry from Claude Demeure, who has problems uploading.The photo id called Trolle. A hike in the Ecrins massive , in the Alpes

(Brian Scott) #14

Himalayan Balsam in a tree covered pathway, the exit is the light

(Camellia Staab) #15

Morning Glory

(Tinna J) #16

My first time, not sure if this is ok as a depth of field photography
But this is a day by the lake

(Thomas Thompson) #17

Nice capture, Well done Tinna

(Tinna J) #18

Thank you so much😊 hope I am, not to late saw later this os the last day,

(Thomas Thompson) #19

I think its Friday, however everyone staring voting yesterday

(Tinna J) #20

That’s okei it’s Saturday know here :joy::joy::joy::joy:

(Tinna J) #21

I will die of laughter right now its clearly that I have breastfeeding fog some glitch in my brain :joy::joy::joy::joy: it’s Friday today :joy::joy::joy:

(Thomas Thompson) #22

Yea when you posted that comment I was like wow where does she live haha I was looking at time zones and then just gave up hahaha